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BK SA Glotronoid.png
Attribute Darkus, Subterra, Haos
Primary Battle Gear Impalaton
First appearance A New Beginning

Glotronoid is a BakuBolt Super Assault Bakugan.



Glotronoid has a super intense glow that surges from his body and blinds his rivals in combat. He sprays venom fog to confuse and poison his enemies. Glotronoid also emits a mind controlling, silent, and an ultrasonic wave that forces his opponents to fight against each other.


Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[edit]

Glotronoid makes several minor appearances throughout the first dozen episodes, usually being used by unnamed characters in Bakugan Interspace or by hypnotized brawlers to attack Neathia.

In Confrontation, a girl used it alongside a boy's Subterra Snapzoid against Mason and Lena's Clawsaurus and Gren.

In Mobile Assault, Koji, now under Gundalian hypnosis, is seen using a Subterra one equipped with an Impalaton.

In Forgiveness, a Haos Glotronoid appeared in a flashback and was defeated by Gundalian Bakugan along with a Haos Splight and a Haos Scaboid.

In Final Strike, two Glotronoids attempted to stop Aranaut from reaching Kazarina's lab, but to no avail.

Several Darkus and Subterra Glotronoids were seen in Code Eve being defeated by Aranaut.

Physical Game[edit]

Glotronoid lights up upon opening, but does not emit sounds like Lumitroid. It was released in Wave 2 alongside Splight, Merlix, Mystic Chancer, and Raptorix. The Subterra version has 750 Gs and the Ventus version has 760 Gs.


  • Its ball form is similar to both Dual Hydranoid and Saurus.
  • It is the first Bakugan seen using a Mobile Assault in the anime.
  • Glotronoid, a Bakugan whose name is easily associated with light, is ironically seen most commonly in the Darkus Attribute.