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SA Lumitroid.png
Attribute Haos Haos
First appearance Final Fury

Lumitroid is a scorpion-like Super Assault Bakugan.



Lumitroid is an insect-like Super Assault Bakugan with two massive front claws. Its four legs give it great mobility and its long tail can whip and wrap around its opponents to demobilize them. It can shoot a spear from its tail with great accuracy. Its eyes shine powerfully and stop the opponent's movement. Has stretchable, knife shaped needles.

Bakugan: Ultimate Handbook[edit]

This Super Assault Bakugan resembles an insect. Just about every part of its body is built for attack. Its long tail can wrap around opponents at close range or shoot a spear from a distance with spot-on aim. Its four legs allow Lumitroid to maneuver expertly around the battlefield. And its eyes can shine so brightly that the glow will stop a foe in its tracks.


Bakugan: New Vestroia[edit]

Its first appearance in the anime was in Final Fury. It is the last of the four digital clones in the Alternative to be defeated.

Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[edit]

In Confrontation, a Haos Lumitroid appeared but was defeated by Jesse's Farakspin.

In The Sacred Orb, some Haos Lumitroids were seen fighting for the Neathians, but were easily defeated by the Gundalian forces.

Physical Game[edit]

It is shown on the package like a cross between a crab and a scorpion. It somewhat resembles Clawsaurus. It illuminates and makes a sound affect when it touches metal. When this Bakugan was first released it was thought to be Goblinball. This Bakugan's battery must be changed every once in a while, it runs on two 1.5 volt batteries. It is part of the Super Assault series known as BakuBolt. The Pyrus version has 730 Gs, the Darkus version has 740 Gs and the Haos version has 750 Gs.