Terrix Gear

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Terrix Gear
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Terrix Gear is a Wave 5 Game-exclusive Battle Gear.



Terrix Gear has three blades that pop out and rotate to lift it off the ground. Using its blades, it bores through hard rock and penetrates the opponent's base from underground. The blades spin at hurricane speed to blow back and shred the enemy apart.


Both Gold and Copper versions were available in 130 Gs. The Silver version has 140 Gs.

Reference Card

  • Ventus: If your enemy plays an Ability Card or Gear that allows them to move cards or Bakugan, cancel those moves.
  • Darkus: Your enemy's gear get no attribute effects for the rest of the battle.


  • It was very limited in release.
  • You can freely spin around its fan blades.
  • It, along with Battle Sabre, Helmgund, and Lansor, are the only Battle Gear to not be officially owned by anyone in the anime.
  • Terrix Gear's etymology likely comes from the Greek suffix “Pterux” (πτέρυξ) which means “Wing”, hence it being an flight-based battle gear