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Breezak is a Super Assault Bakugan. It is in the BakuZoom series.


Breezak is a mighty Super Assault Bakugan with a well-earned reputation for strong battling moves. Its three-clawed hands can slash and trash the best body armor around. Multiple spikes on his backside allow it to stave off a surprise attack.

Physical Game[edit]

It was released in August. It has been seen in Pyrus, Aquos, Darkus, Haos, and Ventus. The Pyrus version has 800 Gs, the Ventus version has 790 Gs, the Darkus version has 780 Gs, and the Aquos version has 810 Gs.

G-PowersThe listed G-Powers are what we know exist. "N/A" means we do not have any confirmation of a Bakugan existing, not necessarily that none exist. If you have a Bakugan that is not listed here and would like to add it, please upload an image of it and the G-Power for verification.
Pyrus.svg Pyrus 800 Gs
Aquos.svg Aquos 810 Gs
Subterra.svg Subterra N/A
Haos.svg Haos N/A
Darkus.svg Darkus 780 Gs
Ventus.svg Ventus 790 Gs
Clear N/A


  • Its waiting position on Bakugan Dimensions is almost identical to Phosphos'.
  • In ball form, it somewhat resembles Lythirus.
  • When it was first seen, it was thought to be a spinning Bakugan until it was released.