Battle Turbine

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Battle Turbine
BG Battle Turbine.png
Attribute Gold
Power 100 Gs
First appearance Decoy Unit

Battle Turbine (バトルタービン, Batorutaabin?) is a Bakugan Battle Gear. It belonged to Airzel in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders.



Battle Turbine Battle Gear sends out anti-missile defense beams from the big blasters set at the side. Continuous power produced from the many turbines give it long lasting strength that opponents can not escape. Follows an opponent with a red sensor beam and attacks with big blasters equipped on both sides of the waist. Fires 30 continuous laser blasts.


Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[edit]

Battle Turbine first appeared in Decoy Unit as Strikeflier's Battle Gear. Strikeflier used it to defeat Coredem and Akwimos in one hit, using Battle Turbine Rain.

In Dragonoid Colossus, it was used to help Strikeflier defeat Hawktor.

In Final Strike, it was used to battle Akwimos and Marucho until they retreated.

In Broken Spell, it was seen attached to Strikeflier as he and Lythirus battled Blitz Dragonoid and Hawktor, but it wasn't shown to be used in the battle.

Ability Cards
  • Battle Turbine Frain: Subtracts 500 Gs from each opponent, and adds 500 Gs to Battle Turbine.


The Silver version has 60 or 80 Gs, the Gold version has 70 Gs, the Copper version has 70 Gs. The Deluxe Gold version has 120 Gs, the Deluxe Silver version has 130 Gs, and the Deluxe Copper version has 130 Gs.

Element: G-Power(s):
Gold attribute.svg Gold: 70 Gs, 120 Gs (Deluxe)
Silver attribute.svg Silver: 60 Gs, 80 Gs, 130 Gs (Deluxe)
Copper attribute.svg Copper: 70 Gs 130 Gs (Deluxe)
Reference Cards

Bakugan Dimensions


  • Battle Turbine was the longest Battle Gear in the original Battle Gear series, but was surpassed by the Deluxe Battle Gear.
  • It is the only Ventus Battle Gear that is not Silver.
  • Battle Turbine, along with AirKor and Razoid, were the only three Twelve Orders Battle Gear that did not show anything higher than a Level 1 Battle Gear Ability.
  • It is similar to Lashor and Vilantor Gear in open Gear form.