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BG Riptor.png
Attribute Silver
First appearance The Sacred Orb

Riptor, Elesys (エレシス, Ereshisu?) in the Japanese version, is a claw-like Deluxe Battle Gear that functions as a component of Dharak Colossus. As such, it belonged to Barodius.



Riptor is one of the claws of Dharak Colossus. This Bakugan Battle Gear's poison-tipped tentacle lashes out and attacks opponents.


Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[edit]

In The Sacred Orb, Riptor is first shown while merged with Dharak, Exokor, and Smashtor in the form of Dharak Colossus. Using the colossal strength of their combined power, Dharak easily destroys the second shield protecting Neathia with a single strike.

In The Secret of the Orb, Kazarina first voices her intentions to upgrade it, so as to enable Dharak Colossus to be strong enough to eliminate the Neathians' remaining defenses.

In Mobile Assault, Kazarina begins the process of upgrading Riptor, as well as Exokor and Smashtor.

In Colossus Dharak, its upgrades are finalized and it is launched into battle alongside the other Colossus pieces. Dharak used these upgrades to successfully annihilate the second Neathian shield once more.

In Dragonoid Colossus, Dharak separates from the formation and commands Riptor, Smashtor, and Exokor to attack Linehalt as separate components. After a few successful strikes, Dharak Colossus is reformed. Later on, it is defeated by Dragonoid Colossus.

In True Evolution, Dharak forms Dharak Colossus at the start of his battle with Blitz Dragonoid, but each component is defeated one by one, Riptor included.


As a product, Riptor is only available via the purchase of a full Dharak Colossus. It is a Gold Battle Gear with 100 Gs. Like Smashtor, it lights up when opening, much like a BakuBolt effect.

Element: G-Power(s):
Gold attribute.svg Gold: 100 Gs
Silver attribute.svg Silver: N/A
Copper attribute.svg Copper: N/A
Reference Card
  • Darkus Effect: Every time a coin flip ends up tails, your Bakugan gets +50 G-Power.
  • Ventus Effect: Every time a coin flip ends up heads, your Bakugan gets +50 G-Power.