Colossus Dharak

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Colossus Dharak
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Season Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders
Episode No. 24
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Colossus Dharak is the 24th episode of Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders. It aired on October 2, 2010.


Ren Krawler decides to confront Barodius about why all of his team except for him was punished for their failures and theorizes that it has to do with Linehalt's dark powers. He expresses his desire to live on the surface. Barodius replies that the surface of Gundalia is a barren rock and that he will explain Linehalt's forbidden powers after they defeat the Neathians. Shortly after, Kazarina announces that she has finished upgrading Exokor and they gear up for an attack immediately. The rest of the Twelve Orders attack the Neathians to try to clear a path for Dharak Colossus to destroy the second shield. However, he forbids Ren from battling and simply makes him watch Dharak Colossus. Dan Kuso and Drago challenge Dharak, but are quickly defeated. With that, Dharak punctures a hole in the second shield as Dan and Drago lay defeated. Barodius orders Ren to destroy the both of them and he is faced with a tough decision. Soon enough, he makes up his mind and attacks Dharak. Ren realized that the Brawlers are his true friends and decides to stand up for them.

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