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BK Megarus.png
Attribute Aquos Aquos

First appearance The Sacred Orb

Megarus is a swordfish-like Bakugan. In addition, Megarus is a Special Evolution Bakugan.



Megarus is an imposing battler and always brawls to the end. His many fins make him super fast in the water and difficult to catch in a brawl. Megarus' exoskeleton shell is strong and durable. His mouth contains a thousand teeth that rip through the toughest armor.


Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[edit]

An army of Aquos Megarus appeared in The Sacred Orb to fight the Neathians alongside Stoica and Lythirus. It is pronounced "Riverus" in the anime.

In Mobile Assault, they were seen with Spidaro and Buz Hornix.

In Colossus Dharak, an army of Megarus appeared to help Lythirus battle Akwimos.

In Infiltrated, they were seen again and were defeated by Akwimos.

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[edit]

In episode 8, several Aquos Megaruses were seen jumping out of water in New Vestroia.

Physical Game[edit]

It is in the BakuSuper G series. Aquos has 1130 Gs, 900 Gs, and 910 Gs, Ventus has 1100 Gs, Subterra has 1180 Gs, and Haos has 1000 Gs. It is also available in Pyrus. It was released in November.

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  • In ball form, Aquos Megarus has red nose while in Bakugan form it has an orange nose.
  • Its name may be derived from the ancient Greek city Megara, the Godzilla monster Megaguirus or a prehistoric shark-like lizard called Megalodon.
  • He greatly resembles Zigra, an aquatic swordfish-like monster made by Daiei.
  • His beak resembles a drill.
  • Its ball form is similar to Moskeeto's.