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Mobile Assault
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Season Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders
Episode No. 22
Previous Divide and Conquer
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Mobile Assault is the 22nd episode of Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders. It aired on October 2, 2010.


After Nurzak's betrayal, Barodius questions the loyalty of the rest of the Twelve Orders. Kazarina assures him that the rest of them are loyal. With that Dharak asks Kazarina how much longer she needs to complete Exokor's upgrades. She replies that it will take two to three days. They then launch an attack on Neathia with the hypnotized children to stall the Neathians. The Brawlers make quick work of the children, but are surprised to find that the children don't snap out of hypnosis after being defeated. When the Gundalians start to run out of troops, Ren Krawler and Stoica are sent to Bakugan Interspace to recruit more children. Stoica however warps to Earth to find brawlers straight from the source. He overhears Julie Makimoto trying to stop Koji from entering Bakugan Interspace and decides to follow him and convinces him to come with him. He is hypnotized and promptly sent out to battle the Neathians. But he brings with him a Mobile Assault Vehicle, a highly advanced form of Battle Gear that is nearly impenetrable thanks to its Chaos Vibro ability. The only way it can penetrate its defense is to use a Mobile Assault Vehicle so Princess Fabia distracts Koji with Aranaut. Meanwhile, Captain Elright syncs up the only Mobile Assault Vehicle the Neathians have been developing with Drago's DNA and tells Linus to upload it to Dan's BakuMeter. When it is finally finished downloading, Dan and Drago launch it and use it to defeat Koji. Dan Kuso and the Neathian's Princess Fabia attempt to snap him out of it, but to no avail. Dan, however is determined to keep trying to free all of the children. After the battle, Kazarina returns the children to the Interspace and releases them from her spell. Koji goes back to Julie and tells her about how he mysteriously ended up in Bakugan Interspace, but doesn't remember anything except for a voice of a person telling him that he wouldn't give up on Koji.

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  • This episode contains the only mention of Runo in the third season.