Twelve Orders

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The Major Twelve Orders

The Twelve Orders (12統制者トゥエルブ・オーダーズ, To~uerubu ōdāzu?) were a group of Gundalians that served as the main antagonists in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders. They were also introduced in Bakugan Dimensions. There were a total number of twelve members, consisting of two members of each Bakugan attribute. (e.g. Darkus brawlers include Barodius and Ren Krawler.)

As of the end of Gundalian Invaders, all members of the Major Twelve Orders except Nurzak are dead or presumed dead, and one member of the Minor Twelve Orders, Sid Arkale, is also dead. With Barodius' defeat at the end of the season, the group has presumably disbanded. Its former members maintain order in Gundalia in the aftermath of the war.

Major Members[edit]

Identity Attribute Bakugan Position and Notes
Dharak (Deceased) Former Emperor of Gundalia, mutated into Mag Mel, deceased in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge Arc 1
Haos.svg Lumagrowl Director of the Bakugan Biological Research Center, Deceased
Nurzak GI.png
Subterra.svg Sabator Defected to Neathia; current Prime Minister of Gundalia
Pyrus.svg Krakix (Deceased) Deceased
Airzel GI.png
Ventus.svg Strikeflier (Deceased) Captain of the Gundalian Forces, Deceased
Stoica GI.png
Lythirus (Deceased) Deceased

Minor Members[edit]

Identity Attribute Bakugan Position and Notes
Ren GI.png
Ren Krawler
Linehalt  Defected to Neathia; current Commander of the Gundalian Forces
Sid Arkale
Pyrus.svg Rubanoid (Given to Ren Krawler, then to Linus Claude) Deceased
Lena Isis
Phosphos Defected to Neathia
Jessy glen.jpg
Jesse Glenn
Ventus.svg Plitheon Defected to Neathia
Mason Brown
Subterra.svg Avior Defected to Neathia
Zenet Surrow
Haos.svg Contestir Defected to Neathia


It seems that each of the members of the Twelve Orders has a specific partner they battle with in tag team matches, and are generally around this person.

Here are the teams:

  • Barodius: Barodius usually battles by himself. This is probably because he doesn't need a partner to win a battle seeing how Dharak is strong enough to win on his own.
  • Gill-Airzel: Gill and Airzel are a great team. This is probably because Airzel is Gill's protege. The two of them have fought together a lot in tag team battles and they get along pretty well.
  • Kazarina-Stoica: Kazarina and Stoica have fought most of their tag team battles together and are usually both trying to get someone to take the fall for them. They get along pretty good with the exception of Stoica calling her "mad scientist".


  • The Twelve Orders is the largest major villain group in the Bakugan TV series.
  • It is unknown if the Twelve Orders were reformed by Nurzak and the remaining members of the Minor Twelve Orders.