Triad El Condor

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Triad El Condor
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Variations El Condor
Triad El Condor


Triad El Condor is a Bakugan Trap released in Bakugan: New Vestroia and re-released as a BakuSteel Trap in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge.



Triad El Condor is a Bakugan Trap. When opened up, he resembles an Aztec totem pole. Although slow-moving, he can sustain many punches, and uses his laser beams to neutralize his enemies. In addition, he can fly over his opponents.

Physical Game[edit]

Triad El Condor was released in Subterra, Haos, Ventus, and Pyrus.


  • Despite the fact that he was shown numerous amount of times as a Subterra Bakugan Trap, his rumored pre-evolution El Condor is a Ventus Bakugan.
  • In the anime, El Condor was seen in Subterra, Haos and Ventus. Triad El Condor comes in these attributes as well.