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Keep on laughing Gigantor, because pretty soon you're gonna be choking on your own tears!
DarkusScorptak BakuFusion.png
Attribute Pyrus,and,Subterra,hybrid
Variations Spatterix
First appearance The Prodigal Bakugan
Voiced by Andrew Jackson

Scorptak is a BakuFusion combination which consists of Spatterix and Stronk.



Scorptak is a four-winged bipedal dragon Bakugan wielding both Pyrus and Subterra abilities, which can shoot a powerful stream of fire from its maw.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[edit]

Scorptak made his first appearance in The Prodigal Bakugan after Spatterix and Stronk were greatly outmatched by Jaakor due to their lack of teamwork. Their combination was too much for Jaakor, Skytruss and Orbeum to handle separately and as Scorptak was on the path to victory, the three ninjas combined together to form Magmafury who made short work of him resulting into a loss on their part. The two Bakugan have almost always been reluctant to combine.

Scorptak's first appearance

He appeared again in Battle for Bakugan Land after Spatterix and Stronk gained the upper hand against Drago and Reptak. He managed to maintain this advantage through his Power Ditch ability which prevented the duo from forming Aeroblitz. It was not until Dan used the Battle Suits Defendtrix and Combustoid to separate the combination, making both Spatterix and Stronk vulnerable. The two Nonets were later defeated due to the maximum potential of the suits.

Scorptak briefly appeared again in Countdown to Doomsday.

Scorptak's final appearance was in Evil vs. Evil, when Gunz was using the Nonets to battle Mechtavius Destroyer. They were the only Bakugan able to combine, as Mechtavius Destroyer interfered with that of Kodokor, Mutabrid, and Betadron. They lasted the longest, but eventually were hit so hard that they lost the combination. The two attempted to combine again, with the two finally realizing they were the best partners a Bakugan could have, but it was too late as Mechtavius Destroyer killed them both before they could combine again.

Fusion Ability Cards
  • Mag Extreme (Max Stream/Mag Max): (Pyrus)
  • Mega Spindle (Mega Spindor/Mega Splinter): (Pyrus/Subterra)
  • Power Ditch: This ability is immune to nullification. (Pyrus/Subterra)

Physical Game[edit]

Scorptak is able to be formed by inserting the pegs on Spatterix's feet into the BakuNano ports on Stronk's back.