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Bakugan Battle Suit is a product in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. It is like a Mobile Assault.

Much like Bakugan Trap and Mechtogan, Battle Suits come in the standard six Attributes used by normal Bakugan. They are played from the Unused Pile during a battle like other Support Pieces and return from the Used Pile in the same manner as other Support Pieces.

To play a Bakugan Battle Suit, place your battling Bakugan on in to transform it, much like one would with a Bakugan Mobile Assault. The Battle Suit adds a G-Power bonus printed inside to the attached Bakugan during battle.

Much like Battle Gear, Battle Suits come with a blue-backed Reference Card, which applies an additional effect when it is put into play. Battle Suits can be used on any Bakugan as long as both of their Attributes match.

Battle Suits also have holes that allow BakuNano to be attached.


Load and explode into action with Bakugan Battle Suits! Transform your Bakugan into the strongest and fiercest Bakugan ever to dominate in battle! Drop your Bakugan into the Battle Suit and trigger the massive fully-armoring transformation!

List of Battle Suits[edit]

User Pyrus Pyrus Ventus Ventus Aquos Aquos Darkus Darkus Haos Haos Subterra Subterra
Doomtronic Fusion Dragonoid Infinity Helios Reptak
Blasterate Taylean Radizen Boulderon
Defendtrix Fusion Dragonoid
Combustoid Spatterix Betadron Reptak
Clawbruk Worton Radizen Kodokor
Fortatron Jaakor Mutabrid