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The All-Faction symbol

All-Faction is a Faction type introduced in Bakugan: Evolutions. It represents all Factions, has a rainbow colored symbol, and is the accumulation of all six elemental Factions.


Color Scheme[edit]

Physical Game[edit]


In the rebooted Bakugan trading card game, All-Faction Bakugan are able to be declared as any of the primary six Factions - For example, a Genesis Dragonoid can be declared to have its Faction be Ventus, and therefore would bring all the benefits of a Ventus Bakugan.

In the Toy Battling Game and the Gate Card Game, Genesis Dragonoid and Genesis Wrath have their Faction determined by the final color their in-built LEDs flash:

  • Pyrus Pyrus is represented by red light.
  • Aquos Aquos is represented by dark blue light.
  • Haos Haos is represented by light blue light.
  • Ventus Ventus is represented by green light.
  • Darkus Darkus is represented by purple light.
  • Aurelus Aurelus is represented by yellow light.

Released Bakugan[edit]


For the list of all released All-Faction Evolutions Bakugan, see Bakulog (Evolutions)#All-Faction.