BakuSteel Trap

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A BakuSteel Trap were a variation of Bakugan Traps. They were released in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. BakuSteel Traps have DNA Codes, although they don't usually work (they change into BakuPoints), but activate a special attack for use in battle, just as BakuNano, Battle Gear and Mobile Assault. They are colored darkened silver, similar to the BakuSteel Bakugan. Apparently they are exact duplicates of Bakugan Traps, but without the variety of colors. Only few selected Bakugan Traps were made into BakuSteel Traps. They are Wal-Mart Exclusives. On Bakugan Dimensions, they are treated like Battle Gear/BakuNano instead of Bakugan.


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