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EX is first Generation 2 secondary card set. It contains cards that come with the Dragonoid Maximus toy, and is the smallest known Bakugan Reboot card set.

The Dragonoid Maximus product the EX cards come with
To see the accompanying primary card expansion/set, see Bakugan Resurgence.
To see the next secondary card expansion/set, see DI.

List of Cards in EX[edit]

Number Image Card Name Card Type Faction Energy Cost Paired BakuCores Base Bakugan B-Power Damage Rarity
1 Titan Dragonoid (Pyrus Card) ENG 1 CC EX.png Titan Dragonoid Character Card Pyrus Pyrus N/A Battle Planet Shield BakuCore.pngBattle Planet Fist BakuCore.png N/A Icon-power.png700 3 Icon-damage.png N/A
2 Dragonoid Maximus (Pyrus Card) ENG 2 BE EX.png Dragonoid Maximus (Pyrus Card) Evo Card Pyrus Pyrus 10 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png N/A Pyrus Titan Dragonoid (Dragonoid Maximus) Icon-power.png2500 10 Icon-damage.png Bakugan Elite