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EX is the a Bakugan Battle Planet card set that contains cards that come with the Dragonoid Maximus toy.

The Dragonoid Maximus product the EX cards come with

List of Cards in EX[edit]

Number Image Card Name Card Type Faction Energy Cost Paired BakuCores Base Bakugan B-Power Damage Rarity
1 Titan Dragonoid (Pyrus) 1 CC EX HEX.png Titan Dragonoid Character Card Pyrus Pyrus N/A Battle Planet Shield BakuCore.pngBattle Planet Fist BakuCore.png N/A Icon-power.png700 3 Icon-damage.png N/A
2 Dragonoid Maximus (Pyrus Card) 2 BE EX.png Dragonoid Maximus (Pyrus Card) Evo Card Pyrus Pyrus 10 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png N/A Pyrus Titan Dragonoid (Dragonoid Maximus) Icon-power.png2500 10 Icon-damage.png Bakugan Elite