Dragonoid Maximus

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Dragonoid Maximus
BBP-Dragonoid Maximus anime.png
Faction Pyrus Pyrus
Power 1400 Bs

Dragonoid Maximus (ドラゴノイドマキシマス, Doragonoido Makishimasu?) is a giant armored dragon-like Bakugan and the final evolution of Dragonoid in Bakugan Battle Planet. It was first seen in the Spin Master New York Toy Fair 2019 catalog, the giant Dragonoid Bakugan resembles the open ball form BakuMorphs from Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders. It also comes with an exclusive Titan Dragonoid Bakugan as well as a Fist and Shield BakuCore. This product costs $44.99 (USD) and was officially released in Fall 2019.



As the stakes get higher in Battle Planet, a great power will awaken and the ultimate Bakugan evolution will emerge... MAXIMUS DRAGONOID! See him roar to life with an amazing transformation and lights and sounds. Then, power-up your brawling and dominate the Hide Matrix with the exclusive Titan Dragonoid and premium trading cards.


Bakugan Battle Planet[edit]

Dragonoid Maximus was seen in a flashback in Who Are You?, when Tiko saw Drago evolve into Titan Drago, he recognized the roar and wings, and mentioned the name "Maximus".

Physical Game[edit]

Dragonoid Maximus comes with:

  • #7 Battle Planet Fist BakuCore.png: +150 Icon-power.png, +2 Icon-damage.png
  • #26 Battle Planet Shield BakuCore.png: +300 Icon-power.png


  • Dragonoid Maximus was nominated as a finalist for the Toy of the Year Award's "Best Action Figure". [1]



Physical Game[edit]


Included Cards[edit]

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