GeoForge Dragonoid

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GeoForge Dragonoid

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Faction Pyrus Pyrus
Variations Dragonoid
Hyper Dragonoid
Titan Dragonoid
Dragonoid Maximus
Dragonoid x Tretorous
Dragonoid x Auxillataur
Dragonoid Infinity
Dragonoid Infinity Max
GeoForge Dragonoid
GeoForge Dragonoid (Bakugan)
Neo Dragonoid
Dragonoid Evo
Genesis Dragonoid
Nova Dragonoid
Nova Dragonoid x Nillious
Power 2000 Bs
First appearance Invincible Viloch
Voiced by Jason Deline (ENG)
Shunsuke Takeuchi (JP)

GeoForge Dragonoid (ジオフォージドラゴノイド, Jiofōji Doragonoido?) is the combination of the core GeoForge Dragonoid toy and the Geogan GeoForge Arcleon, GeoForge Stingzer, GeoForge Arachnia, GeoForge Talan, GeoForge Montrapod, and GeoForge Titan King in Bakugan: Geogan Rising. It is the counterpart to Ultimate Viloch.



Bakugan: Geogan Rising[edit]

GeoForge Dragonoid makes its first appearance in Invincible Viloch.

Physical Game[edit]

GeoForge Dragonoid comes with:

  • #37 Battle Planet Flaming Fist BakuCore.png: -4 Icon-damage.png
  • #57 Battle Planet Magic Shield BakuCore.png: +650 Icon-power.png


GeoForge Dragonoid components Bakulog
Card Image Faction Energy Cost B-Power Damage Rating Paired BakuCores Included In
GeoForge Dragonoid (Pyrus Card) ENG 286 CC GG.png Pyrus GeoForge Dragonoid (Open).png Pyrus Pyrus N/A Icon-power.png 900 1 Icon-damage.png Battle Planet Flaming Fist BakuCore.pngBattle Planet Magic Shield BakuCore.png
  • GeoForge Dragonoid
GeoForge Arcleon (Pyrus Card) ENG 178 RA GG.png GeoForge Arcleon (Open).png Pyrus Pyrus 7 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png Icon-power.png2800 3 Icon-damage.png N/A
  • GeoForge Dragonoid
GeoForge Stingzer (Aquos Card) ENG 134 RA GG.png GeoForge Stingzer (Open).png Aquos Aquos 5 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png Icon-power.png 2200 2 Icon-damage.png N/A
  • GeoForge Dragonoid
GeoForge Arachnia (Haos Card) ENG 168 RA GG.png GeoForge Arachnia (Open).png Haos Haos 6 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png Icon-power.png2200 8 Icon-damage.png N/A
  • GeoForge Dragonoid
GeoForge Montrapod (Darkus Card) ENG 157 RA GG.png GeoForge Montrapod (Open).png Darkus Darkus 4 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png Icon-power.png1600 7 Icon-damage.png N/A
  • GeoForge Dragonoid
GeoForge Talan (Ventus Card) ENG 187 RA GG.png GeoForge Talan (Open).png Ventus Ventus 5 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png Icon-power.png2200 6 Icon-damage.png N/A
  • GeoForge Dragonoid
GeoForge Titan King (Aurelus Card) ENG 146 RA GG.png GeoForge Titan King (Open).png Aurelus Aurelus 5 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png Icon-power.png2300 3 Icon-damage.png N/A
  • GeoForge Dragonoid

Trading Card Game[edit]

Gate Cards[edit]



  • This Bakugan combiner is similar to Maxus Dragonoid with Neo Dragonoid and six Bakugan Traps: Spyderfencer, Grakas Hound, Brachium, Dark Hound, Grafias and Spitarm.
  • The Bakugan combiner's seven components lack their individual forms in the show, which only shows Dragonoid combining with the Awesome Brawlers' six Geogan in their original forms.
    • The formation is as followed: Arcleon forms the right shoulder and right arm, Stingzer forms the wings and tail, Arachnia forms the torso, hip region and back, Talan forms the left leg, Montrapod forms the right leg, Titan King forms the left shoulder and left arm, and Dragonoid forms the head.
  • This is the first large product from the Reboot series that has its accompanying cards in a non-exclusive set. The cards that come with GeoForge Dragonoid can be found in the set GG, while previous products were given exclusive sets for their cards, such as EX and DI.