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Brawling Information
Main FactionMain Faction used by this battler
Aurelus Aurelus

Team Himself (fomerly)
First appearance Midsummer Nightmare
Voiced by Rob Tinkler (ENG)
Shinya Hamazoe (JP)

Tiko (チコ, Chiko?) is a secondary, former antagonic goat/dragon-chimeric Aurelus Bakugan from the Reboot Series.

A former member of the Supreme Council who created the V Virus as an alternate energy source for Vestroia than constant battles. But it went defective and corrupted him, granting infective powers of turning Bakugan into Bakuzons.

After the Great Collision, he kept hidden in The Maze, where he infected the Core Cells as a way of debilitate the energy of Vestroia and Earth. In one of his encounters with the Awesome Brawlers, he managed to control Benton Dusk, where he used him to take AAAnimus Inc. and making a way of getting more Bakugan for his Army. He got healed in the final season by Maximus Dragonoid, eliminating the V Virus and putting him into rest.

He returned in Armored Alliance, where he avoided to being captured by Haavik just to force-fuse him with Sabrus; and later stop Garillion from separating both planets.

A Nova-Infused time variant of himself appeared in Bakugan: Legends, being wielded by Armstrong Tripp as part of being a contestant chosen by Hanoj for the Battle Judgement.



Tiko is a shadowy and very powerful Bakugan, being able to swallow Drago's fire attack easily and block other attacks. He appears several times when The Awesome Ones are stuck in The Maze, attacking them with a possessed Trunkanious. Tiko has the ability to possess Bakugan and create Bakuzon such as a Lupitheon, Hydorous, and Trunkanious. Tiko seems to spit out a dark goo that can injure and prevent Bakugan from moving, his dark goo injured Drago's leg for example. When Bakuzon are fully possessed by Tiko, their bodies are coated in this dark goo which can shift into tentacle-like arms or launch from the Bakuzon and neutralize Bakucores on contact.





Bakugan Battle Planet[edit]

Tiko appears as a shadowy shape-shifting figure in the dreams of Drago and the other AO Bakugan and overpowers them until Pyravian saves them. The Bakugan then wake up wondering if their nightmare was real.[1]

Tiko makes a second appearance in Maze Daze when The Awesome Ones fall into a mysterious cave. The brawlers encounter Strata the Hunter and his Krakelios until Strata flees. A dark goop then falls and forms into dark tentacles and later into a shadowy Trunkanious Bakuzon controlled by Tiko. The Awesome Ones and their partner Bakugan combine their power and defeat it.

After the battle, Tiko is seen in his possible true form watching the AO and their Bakugan, laughing.[2]

Tiko's Trunkanious Bakuzon reappears several times when The Awesome Ones are exploring the sections of The Maze and disappears after fighting the AO Bakugan. He eventually reveals himself to Drago and the others and puts up a strong fight against Drago, swallowing his Twisting Inferno and brushing off other attacks, he eventually retreats once again.

The Awesome Ones reach a mysterious section of The Maze with a golden ball, Tiko reappears to claim this ball of light, which is actually a Core Cell. Tiko struggles to enter the Core Cell, but eventually penetrates it and goes inside, with Drago coming after him. Dan Kouzo and Drago find themselves in an area with golden balls of light (the light of the Core Cell), but Tiko appears and turns the light into darkness. Dan comes up with an idea for Drago to absorb the light in order to power up similar to how BakuCores power up Bakugan. Drago absorbs the light and then evolves into Hyper Dragonoid, but Drago suddenly remembers that this dark golden Bakugan is actually named Tiko. Drago uses his powers to unleash a powerful fire attack against Tiko, the blast causes an earthquake in the real world (above ground) and causes a flashing hexagon to appear in the sky. The commotion scares the civilians and gets the attention of Philomena Dusk and Benton Dusk, who wonder why this disturbance happened.

Hyper Drago unleashes a fire attack that takes the form of a dragon, this attack engulfs Tiko and causes him to scream from the damage and seemingly destroying his body.[3]

Bakugan: Armored Alliance[edit]

After learning of the events of the first season, Haavik planned to forcibly fuse Tiko with his Sabrus, though apon learning that Tiko lost his ill-will after being cured of the V-Virus, he decided to kidnap Pyravian instead, claiming her to be more powerful than Tiko.

Tiko later fights Garillion to prevent him from separating Earth and Vestroia, with faith in the Awesome Brawlers to claim victory.

Bakugan: Legends[edit]

Physical Game[edit]

There is currently no known planned release for a physical toy of Tiko.

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  • Tiko's appearance somewhat resembles Eliphas Levi's famous "Sabbatic Goat" depiction of Baphomet.


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