Unknown Samurai Bakugan

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Unknown Samurai Bakugan
Unknown Shogun Bakugan - Bakugan Battle Planet.PNG
Faction Haos Haos
Power 600 Bs
First appearance Top Slot

Unknown Samurai Bakugan (Unofficial name) is an anime-exclusive Bakugan Battle Planet samurai-like Bakugan that first appears in the episode Top Slot. Shargo Ronin owns three of this Bakugan. This Bakugan's name is currently unknown, as Shargo does not call it by name and it did not speak during that episode.




Bakugan Battle Planet[edit]

Shargo Ronin uses this Bakugan in a battle against Dan Kouzo, but later it is found out that Shargo owns two more this Bakugan. Shun later joins the battle with his Fade Ninja and the two Brawlers defeat Shargo and his three shogun Bakugan.

Physical Game[edit]


  • According to a statement from Ventus Knight this Bakugan is actually a Haos Artulean, it is unknown is this is true or not.