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Fade Ninja

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Faction Aquos Aquos
Power 600
500 Bs
Voiced by Brandon McGibbon[1]

Fade Ninja (フェイドニンジャ, Feido Ninja?) is a ninja-based Bakugan that appears in Bakugan Battle Planet. It was originally owned by Toshi before it was given to Shun Kazami as a gift. A Bakugan Ultra version was planned in the early development of the toyline under the codename "Human Ninja", but this was cancelled.[2]



Shun acquired this mighty Bakugan from Toshi, also known as the right-hand man of Shun’s father. Like all great Ninjas, his attacks are quiet, fast and precise. His strategy for taking down enemies as a surprise. Fade Ninja’s greatest ability is creating mirages of himself, deceiving his opponents into believing they are facing an army.[3]


Bakugan Battle Planet[edit]

Toshi uses Fade Ninja against Shun Kazami and Hydorous but loses. Toshi gifts Fade Ninja to Shun, who becomes his second Bakugan.

Physical Game[edit]

Notably, all Fade Ninjas have two of the same BakuCore, a trait shared with Auxillataur, Dragonoid x Auxillataur Ultra, Falcron Core and Skorporos Ultra.


Fade Ninja Bakulog
Card Image Faction B-Power Damage Rating Paired BakuCores Included In
Fade Ninja (Pyrus Card) ENG 199 CC AA.png Pyrus Fade Ninja (open).png Pyrus Pyrus Icon-power.png200 2 Icon-damage.png Battle Planet Flaming Fist BakuCore.pngBattle Planet Flaming Fist BakuCore.png
  • Haos Dragonoid Ultra/Darkus Goreene Ultra Battle Pack
Fade Ninja (Aquos Card) ENG 163 CC AA.png Aquos Fade Ninja (open).png Aquos Aquos Icon-power.png600 2 Icon-damage.png Battle Planet Shield BakuCore.pngBattle Planet Shield BakuCore.png
Fade Ninja (Ventus Card) ENG 211 CC AA.png Ventus Fade Ninja (open).png Ventus Ventus Icon-power.png500 4 Icon-damage.png Battle Planet Fist BakuCore.pngBattle Planet Fist BakuCore.png
  • Ventus Fade Ninja Single Pack
Fade Ninja (Aurelus Card) ENG 170 CC AA.png Aurelus Fade Ninja (open).png Aurelus Aurelus Icon-power.png100 1 Icon-damage.png Battle Planet Shield BakuCore.pngBattle Planet Shield BakuCore.png
  • Ventus Pandoxx Ultra Starter Pack
Fade Ninja (Diamond Card) ENG 77 RA AA.png Diamond Fade Ninja (open).png Diamond Diamond/Aquos Aquos Icon-power.png1800 8 Icon-damage.png (Evolved from Aquos Fade Ninja)


Fade Ninja Evos
Evo Card Name Faction Energy Cost B-Power Damage Rating Evolves From
Fade Ninja (Diamond Card) ENG 77 RA AA.png Diamond Fade Ninja Diamond Diamond/Aquos Aquos 7 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png Icon-power.png1800 8 Icon-damage.png Evolved from Aquos Fade Ninja
Titan Fade Ninja (Ventus Card) ENG 157 SR AA.png Ventus Titan Fade Ninja Ventus Ventus 4 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png Icon-power.png900 8 Icon-damage.png Evolved from Ventus Fade Ninja

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