Cubbo (Lia Venegas)

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Cubbo (Lia Venegas)
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Faction Haos Haos

Cubbo (カブー, Kabū?) is a Cubbo who was previously partnered with Lia Venegas in Bakugan: Battle Planet, before striking out on his own to become a video star in Bakugan: Evolutions.


Bakugan: Battle Planet[edit]

Cubbo first appears as a Bakugan in closed ball form in Lia's hair. The AO discover that Cubbo was one of the Bakugan trapped by Strata the Hunter in The Maze, and he secretly hid himself in Lia's hair to hitchhike. Cubbo reveals himself to the AO and shows his Bakugan Form, which surprises the AO because Cubbo is smaller than all of them, including Shun. Cubbo appears as a mischievous Bakugan, eating chips and sitting on the couch, while also crying to the Rowdy Reds that he needs a partner, but twisting his statement by telling them to throw away their "scary" Bakugan.

The Awesome Ones later test Cubbo's strength in battle, but despite his size - his attacks manage to work on their Bakugan. Lia ends the battle and hugs Cubbo, realizing that he just needed a partner, Cubbo turns into ball form and joins Lia as her third partner Bakugan.[1]

Bakugan: Evolutions[edit]

Cubbo somehow reawakened on his own before reappearing.

He first appears in Evolutions as an online celebrity, in which he hides out at Studio D under the pretense of being stalked. This is later revealed to be a ploy to increase his video views, which angers the Awesome Brawlers to the point of letting Lightning chase him away.[2]