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Mac background.jpg
Race Human
Gender Male
Brawling Information
Main FactionMain Faction used by this battler
Pyrus Pyrus
First appearance Monkey See, Monkey Don't
Voiced by Annick Obonsawin

Mac is a young child who appears in Bakugan Battle Planet. He is a member of the Rowdy Reds.



Mac is a seven-year-old child who is a founding member of the Rowdy Reds. He wears overalls with a red circle on them, which correlates to his Bakugan's respective Faction. His Bakugan is a Pyrus Skorporos. He and his friends were inspired by the Awesome Ones' videos, and created their own team, the Rowdy Reds.



Bakugan Battle Planet[edit]

The Rowdy Reds discover their Bakugan by digging holes around Los Volmos. Mac and the rest of the group did not have any respect for people's property, and dug holes in several locations around the town.

Mac and the rest of the Rowdy Reds are playing with their Skorporos in a park, destroying it in the process. Dan Kouzo and Drago run in to the group, and attempt to persuade them against playing so destructively. The Rowdy Reds agree, but later return to their destructive play habits. After seeing the destruction the Rowdy Reds are wreaking on Costero Canyada, the Awesome Ones rush to stop the damage, and Dan Kouzo brawls all three of the Rowdy Reds. During the brawl the Awesome Ones convince the group that their methods are causing damage to the surrounding area, and later help them clean up the destruction.[1]

Some time later, he and the other Rowdy Reds are beaten and bullied out of their park by Marco Chezanello. They go to the Studio D, and ask the Awesome Ones in order to take back their park. Mac, Maggie, and the Awesome Ones return to the park, finding it transformed to Marco's image, the entrance guarded by Max. During the brawl, Marco orders Cyndeous to attack Mac and the rest of the brawlers. Cyndeous, having enough of Marco's cruel tactics, flies into a fit of rage, and begins attacking randomly, causing a fireball to begin falling on the group. Since being flung outside the Drago, Dan and Drago return, and Drago protects the brawlers from the attacks. After the ensuing brawl, Mac and Maggie accept Max's apologies for siding with Marco.[2]

Mac, along with the rest of the Rowdy Reds, volunteers to help out the news story about Bakugan that the Awesome Ones and Veronica Venegas are attempting to make. However, their Skorporos are brainwashed by Strata the Hunter to only respond to Dan Kouzo.[3]



Bakugan Battle Planet
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Dan Kouzo Monkey See, Monkey Don't No Outcome (Battle called off)


  • Mac's overalls feature a red circle on them, which correlates to his Skorporos's Faction, Pyrus.