Monkey See, Monkey Don't

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Monkey See, Monkey Don't
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 4
Previous Burger Run
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Monkey See, Monkey Don't is the fourth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired on December 23rd alongside Origin of Species Part 1, Origin of Species Part 2, and Burger Run. [1]


Dan is training with Drago, but Drago runs into a tree, he blames Dan and they laugh afterward. Wynton, Lia, and Lightning show up and talk about how Dan broke the tree and the Awesome Ones' film equipment. Lia tells Dan they should check their surroundings. Dan is mad at Lia and Wynton, he wants to have fun, because this is what the Awesome Ones do. He leaves and talks to Drago how Wynton and Lia act high and mighty, he says he shouldn't be treated as little kid until the two hear noises in the distance, which appears to be a Bakugan.

Dan and Drago arrive at the park and find three Skorporoses. A group of three boys come up to Dan, they are fans of the AO. The boys talk about they had to dig holes, people cried and shouted because they were looking for Bakugan and causing damage to their property. The boys introduce themselves as the “Rowdy Reds”. Dan tells them that Bakugan may be fun, but they are damaging the park trying to act like the Awesome Ones. Dan talks about how to think about their surroundings and not wreck stuff.

Later at the burger joint, Dan is there with Lia and Wynton. Dan talks about how he stopped the antics of the Rowdy Reds, but Lia and Wynton point out that's exactly what they said to him earlier. Dan says he is sorry for everything earlier, but Wynton says that seven-year-olds probably wouldn't listen to some kid like Dan. The television changes to breaking news, property damage in Costero Canyada. Lia points out that Wynton was right and the Rowdy Reds didn't listen.

The Awesome Ones, minus Lightning show up to Rowdy Reds causing commotion trying to act like the AO. Dan activates the Drome and sends out Drago, telling the kids that they didn't listen to him and forgot what he said earlier. The Rowdy Reds get mad and refuse to listen, Dan is not the boss; the Rowdy Reds challenge Dan to a battle. In the battle, Drago gets hit by multiple attacks as this is a 3 versus 1 battle. Dan tries to use a BakuCore but the Rowdy Reds run and stop him from throwing it. Wynton thinks he and Lia should help Dan but chooses to continue watching the fun. Dan throws the BakuCore finally but Rowdy Reds copy the action, Drago is weak, but another BakuCore is thrown and Drago flies in the air to use Twisting Inferno to finish the three Skorporos. The Skorporos are damaged in the battlefield that is engulfed in flames. The Rowdy Reds talk about how Drago is a “bad meanie” because he damaged the park and they run towards a BakuCore to use another attack. Dan tells the Rowdy Reds to stop, but they believe the park got damaged and are sad. The drome vanishes, and the Rowdy Reds find that the flame is gone and the park is fixed. Wynton reveals that anything smashed in the drome vanishes after the battle ends, but anything outside stays there. The Rowdy Red then decide to use their Bakugan to use their Skorporos to fix the park, they ask Dan to help too (to copy them). Dan and Drago become tired from cleaning,

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