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Story Holes
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 20
Previous Mask of Power
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Story Holes is the twentieth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It first aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on January 26th, 2019 alongside Mask of Power.


Lia receives a video of a Haos Pandoxx being captured by mysterious people, but there is no further footage. The AO investigate the email further and find numbers, Wynton realizes the numbers point to longitude and latitude, this leads to the forest. Shun thinks its a trap, but Dan says no matter the case, the Bakugan is in trouble.

The AO arrive at the area, they wonder if the area is a building or mountain. Lightning gets startled by a butterfly and chases it, the AO run after him and find a door opening… they enter the cavern area. Shun notices the room is big enough to contain a Bakugan, the AO find a robot but it isn't friendly, it calls them intruders. The AO stop for breath and spot the captured Pandoxx Bakugan, but there are still those robots who want to stop the AO. Shun and Hydorous fend off the robots while Dan and Wynton use Drago and Lupitheon to free the Pandoxx, but there appears to be a security system that shoots lasers that injures the Bakugan. Lightning sends out Artulean, who uses the attack Mind Control to destroy the turrets, and Hydorous has destroyed the robots.

Lia sends out Pegatrix to heal the injured captured Pandoxx, Wynton tells everyone they should get out of here. Col. Tripp then appears and laughs, saying he wants to get his hands on “that” Bakugan. Dan and Wynton remember him, he tried to capture their Bakugan. Tripp says he has nothing to do with the facility, he says he won't be able to get away with anything, he'll come with a new plan and come back for the AO later, he throws a B-Mine to take Pandoxx. Tripp reveals Pandoxx was always his Bakugan, he let the soldiers capture Pandoxx to bring him to the facility, he wanted to find the location of the facility, which is full of captured Bakugan - but it seems the Bakugan were moved somewhere else.

Col Tripp was the person who sent the message to the AO so he can secretly slip in without having to deal with the security. The Brawlers are angry that a jerk like Col. Tripp used them for his evil deeds. Col Tripp tells them that this facility is used to develop controlling devices for Bakugan, and its owned by “Dusk”. Suddenly, the soldiers start to appear, Col Tripp and Pandoxx retreat from the facility to escape from the soldiers. Drago uses Guard Sphere to surround the soldiers so they can't fire their weapons. Col Tripp then activates his device and causes an explosion, retreating. Dan tells everyone to retreat immediately, everyone is safe. The AO discover that Tripp is burning the whole place down. Dan wonders why all these events are happening, and why are they happening to Dan and his friends.

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