Mask of Power

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Mask of Power
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 19
Previous Rubbed the Wrong Way
Next Story Holes

Mask of Power is the nineteenth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It first aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on January 26th, 2019 alongside Story Holes.


Magnus is fighting a virtual copy of Dan Kouzo, Philomena talks about playing a game means nothing and perhaps Magnus should get help so he is victorious in the real world. Magnus hears a coughing sound, his sick sister Emily Black. When he opens the door he is grabbed by the scientists to perform a checkup. They upgrade his device on his arm to perform its full capacity, it will have a larger effect on his body, Philomena pushes the device further, the scientist says the power overloads him, Philomena says this power will help him defeat Dan and the AO - it's his last chance.

Later, Dan scrapes his arm while skateboarding and then goes to the park, a girl then calls out his name to tell him to stop battling - someone will be here very soon, the person isn't bad at all and he shouldn't battle with him. The coughing girl tells him to not fight, Dan goes to get water but when he returns, the girl has disappeared. Magnus appears and challenges Dan to a fight, Drago questions if this is the person the girl was talking about.

Magnus activates the drome, but the drome feels different, mainly due to the power of Magnus' device. The brawl begins as Drago and Nillious exchange attacks. Magnus tells Dan that this is what he always wanted, not the silly games of the disguises, he knows his strength and Bakugan battles are all he wants in his life - this is the real him. Magnus then gets pumped and shows Nillious' new power, he throws a powered up BakuCore and evolves Nillious into Hyper Nillious. Dan is shocked, he didn't know Bakugan can evolve. Magnus makes Nillious turn into Shadow Mode, his attack drains the fire, Nillious turns into its attack mode - Nova Mode and sends Drago's attack back. The almost defeated Drago receives a BakuCore from Drago to power up, Magnus tell Dan there is no way he can match him, Dan tells Magnus he's going about this in the wrong way. Hyper Nillious' attacks are too strong for Drago, Magnus says Dan thinks Bakugan as a game and there is no way he can beat him.

Magnus uses Nova Burst and finishes off Drago, but afterward, Magnus' device malfunctions and Nillious turns back into ball form. The girl/Magnus' sister returns telling Dan “look what you done”, Dan finds out that Magnus is her big brother. The two siblings leave, with Dan watching and wondering if she'll be okay. Back at AAAnimus Inc, Philomena says she misjudged Magnus, and she wants Dan Kouzo.

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