Rubbed the Wrong Way

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Rubbed the Wrong Way
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 18
Previous Babysitting Bedlam
Next Mask of Power

Rubbed the Wrong Way is the eighteenth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It first aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on January 19th, 2019 alongside Babysitting Bedlam.


After a Bakugan field erupts the town kids stampede to get their own Bakugan but when the field is contaminated Lia must save the day.

Featured Brawls[edit]

There were no battles in this episode.

Characters Seen[edit]

Bakugan Seen[edit]


  • According to the AnimationMagazine "Rubbed the Wrong Way" was scheduled to air as the seventeenth segment of Bakugan Battle Planet. However in the full episode, which was already available on the Cartoon Network app in December 2018, "Babysitting Bedlam" aired first, making "Rubbed the Wrong Way" the eighteenth segment.