Rubbed the Wrong Way

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Rubbed the Wrong Way
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 18
Previous Babysitting Bedlam
Next Mask of Power

Rubbed the Wrong Way is the eighteenth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It first aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on January 19th, 2019 alongside Babysitting Bedlam.


In the grassy field, children are looking for Bakugan, the field has been covered with a gooey substance similar to the ones that cover Bakugan when they appear on the ground. The Rowdy Reds go to the AO and show their Bakugan, they talk about how their Bakugan are weird, they stay in BakuBall form even when they roll out, they appear as Bakugan Form for a second but turn back to ball form. They talk about how the Bakugan act the same way, Lia thinks the Bakugan almost seem like they have no energy. The AO go to find more Bakugan, but a voice calls out to Lia, Lia spots a golden phoenix Bakugan asking for help. Lia finds a field of trash, its waste that was dropped illegally, the ground changes and the bird Bakugan appears again, Lia asks Gorthion and Pegatrix if it was a Bakugan, but neither know what Bakugan that was.

Lia walks towards the people looking for Bakugan, and spots the goop, she comes to a conclusion that the goop is coming from garbage, she tells the other AO and believes it's the reason the Bakugan have no energy, they are making them sick. Lia also mentions she spotted a golden Bakugan with no partner, Shun never heard a golden Bakugan. Pegatrix and Gorthion suggest they should have a battle, but they don't know why they have this urge. Lia says the golden Bakugan was acting for help, but it didn't say what to do - but Pegatrix and Gorthion must sense how to help.

Drago and Trox then tell their owners they have the strange urge to battle too. The Rowdy Reds tell the AO to not battle, it's not safe and they can't look for Bakugan. The kids are getting upset, Lia notices the BakuBalls sinking, possibly because they are having a Bakugan battle, the kids are telling the AO to stop because they want Bakugan. Lia pleads to the kids that the Bakugan are sick, so they should let them go and go back to where they came from. The other Bakugan start to pop out into their Bakugan Form, having the mysterious urge to battle.

Lia talks about how the Bakugan is different than usual, they are releasing their power into the drome. Shun says it looks like an ancient ritual, a ritual offering something to the gods. As the other Bakugan attack, Drago attacks the drome, shattering it. The polluted field then returns to normal strangely, Lia says everyone did it, its saved, but there is still one thing to do - get rid of the trash pile. The scene then shifts back to Studio D where the Dan and everyone question what happened, and why the Bakugan had the urge to fight (the Bakugan have no idea what happened either).

Featured Brawls[edit]

There were no battles in this episode.

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  • According to the AnimationMagazine "Rubbed the Wrong Way" was scheduled to air as the seventeenth segment of Bakugan Battle Planet. However in the full episode, which was already available on the Cartoon Network app in December 2018, "Babysitting Bedlam" aired first, making "Rubbed the Wrong Way" the eighteenth segment.