Babysitting Bedlam

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Babysitting Bedlam
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 17
Previous What's Wrong with Dan
Next Rubbed the Wrong Way

Babysitting Bedlam is the seventeenth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It first aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on January 19th, 2019 alongside Rubbed the Wrong Way.


Dan and Wynton arrive at an expensive mansion, they meet Mr. and Mrs. Dane, they came to be a Bakugan Tutor to their son. Their son arrives, with a Bakugan - Duran Dane and Nobilious - he wants to beat the Awesome Ones. Dan and Wynton are freaking out and say this is not what they signed up for, this is not learning - this is a battle. Reluctant and wanting to leave, Duran says they shouldn't chicken out, his parents are desperate and offer another all you can eat burger coupon so they don't leave.

Dan and Wynton walk with Duran, Duran shows the place he will thrash them in a brawl. It's a mysterious portal door, they end up in a cave and wonder how all this could be under a house. The door then suddenly disappears, Duran is gone. The cave ceiling starts to come down and Dan and Wynton run away, but Trox turns to Bakugan Form and saves them. A boulder starts rolling and Drago grabs them, several montages of Dan and Wynton going through dangerous traps. The two wonder why Duran has them trapped, and how this cave is under the house, how the Bakugan came out without being summoned. Wynton wants to escape, and Trox says there has to be a way out. Drago starts to feel some strange sensation in the cave, Nobilious and Duran reappear to battle Dan and Wynton.

Drago tells Dan and Wynton to get away, and they fight on their own strangely, there is no BakuCores and some attacks, they don't need help from their Brawlers for some reason. A rock falls from the ceiling but Nobilious uses an attack to destroy the rock, Nobilious also pelted by rocks and gets damaged. Dan and Wynton notice there is a way out above. Nobilious is in defeat and asks Drago to defeat him, Drago asks why Nobilious saved Dan and Drago, Nobilious says he doesn't want to hurt humans, but he has no choice but to follow Duran's orders, he tells Drago to leave before Duran finds them.

Drago escapes, Dan and Wynton are back at the surface. Drago tells them about what Nobilious said, they turn their backs to find the huge hole somehow closed up. Dan says they should go back and find Nobilious because he saved them. When the two go back to the house, they find the basement door is gone, nobody is home, everything is gone. A man says it is private property, it was vacant for years. Dan and Wynton look at each other and question what happened and if they are dreaming.

Later somewhere else, a gray-haired man with yellow goggles thanks and transfers money to Mr. and Mrs. Dane. He thanks them for an “amazing show”. Benton says Duran's performance was excellent, Duran asks what the underground place was, and how he did all these incredible tricks. Benton says he has his ways and these secrets stay here. After Duran leaves, Benton recollects and talks about how the AO ignored their danger to their own lives in order to save a Bakugan, he did “just as he suspected”.

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  • According to the Animation Magazine "Babysitting Bedlam" was scheduled to air as the eighteenth segment of Bakugan Battle Planet. However in the full episode, which was already available on the Cartoon Network app in December 2018, "Rubbed the Wrong Way" aired later, making "Babysitting Bedlam" the seventeenth segment.
    • This is changed in the Japanese version.