Mister Moon

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Mister Moon
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 15
Previous The Lost and the Cost
Next What's Up with Dan?

Mister Moon is the fifteenth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It first aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on January 12th, 2019 alongside What's Up with Dan?.


In a surveillance vehicle, Col. Armstrong Tripp is monitoring The Awesome Ones. In the Awesome One's Studio D, the others are throwing a surprise birthday party for Wynton - but he is aware and doesn't want to be surprised. Lia opens the door and is surprised by a prank, Lia realizes Wynton is aware of the surprise - Dan goes to find Wynton. Dan finds Wynton in the forest, Wynton hears some howling noises and finds a glowing wolf, which transforms into a ball of goo - revealing a Bakugan. Wynton sends out the Bakugan, Lupitheon. Wynton introduces himself to Lupitheon and wants Wynton to battle him to get to know him. Col. Tripp is also there watching Trox and Lupitheon fight. Drago wants to fight too, so Dan sends Drago into the battle too.

The battle continues with Drago and Troxvs Lupitheon, but Lupitheon loses. Lupitheon then says he has to rest before Col. Tripp throws his B-Mines. The B-Mines end up controlling and brainwashing Drago and Trox. Col Tripp appears and tells their Bakugan is under his control. Wynton mentions how this is another device controlling Bakugan similar to how Strata the Hunter controlled Bear. Dan sends out Cyndeous to snap Drago and Trox out of it, Wynton sends out Lupitheon as well.

Tripp throws a B-Mine at Cyndeous but he slashes it. Cyndeous and Lupitheon fend off the attacks of the controlled Bakugan, when a full moon appears, Lupitheon powers up and shows his true strength, but Col Tripp throws a mine, controlling Lupitheon, yet Lupitheon somehow fights off the brainwashing, he asks for help. Wynton throws a BakuCore so he can power up and break free of the B-Mine. Lupitheon confronts Col. Tripp after breaking free, and Col Tripp talks about how Lupitheon surprises him, he then retreats into an army vehicle.

Dan and Wynton return to the studio to surprise/scare Lia, Shun, and Lightning but they are asleep. Wynton then sees a cake and talks about how today was the best birthday ever.

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