What's Up with Dan?

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What's Up with Dan?
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 16
Previous Mister Moon
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What's Up with Dan? is the sixteenth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It first aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on January 12th, 2019 alongside Mister Moon.


Trox beats some Bakugan in battle, Lia wonders where Dan is because he is usually with them, “Dan” (Magnus in disguise) finally appears and tells the others they shouldn't waste their time battling amateurs. Later in the studio, Shun talks about how what Dan said was rude, they were just trying to battle. Dan says not to make friends with other teams, no matter how nice. The more they battle, the more damage the AO Bakugan are put through - if you don't agree, leave. Dan then begins to leave the studio before hitting Lightning's dish, calling it gross and saying he doesn't like having a dog - making Lightning angry. The other members of the Awesome Ones wonder what's up with Dan.

Dan starts walking, but Lightning follows him secretly, “Dan” enters a secret building and spots “Dan” with Kravitz, but also… another Dan! “Dan” reveals himself as Magnus, and Kravitz says he needs to pretend to be Dan so he can break up the AO. The real Dan is actually using a VR headset playing a fighting game, beat 100 opponents and win a trip to a virtual resort.

Back at the studio, Lia finds a frog under her hat that is on the floor, “Dan” says it was a good prank by Wynton, Lia blames Wynton. Shun tells Lia that she posted a video of him, which he told her not to. Wynton finds his pie-throwing machine is messed up, he blames Shun. “Dan” says they can't trust each other, so they shouldn't be a team and they should break up.

Lightning returns to the studio and tries to talk about the imposter “Dan”, but they don't understand. Wynton thinks Lightning wants to have a battle, Lia says things are getting tense so they should brawl. The AO start their battle but wonder why “Dan” isn't fighting, he gets annoyed and sends out Nillious, which confuses everyone - “Dan” reveals his identity - he's Magnus!

It's a battle between Nillious and the AO (besides Dan). Magnus uses Pact of Darkness to make Nillious disappear constantly to trick the AO Bakugan into attacking each other. The AO (sans Dan) come to their senses that Magnus was the culprit and he was the one pulling pranks and causing conflict as the fake Dan. Lia, Wynton, and Shun continue the battle against Magnus - but Kravitz uses a button to end the battle and force Nillious into ball form, Kravitz says the plan was to break the AO up, but instead, he brought them more together. Later, the real Dan returns and talks about how he won a VR vacation.

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