China Riot

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China Riot
BBP ChinaRiot FullProfileShadowed.png
Race Human
Age 6
Gender Female
Brawling Information
Main FactionMain Faction used by this battler
Ventus Ventus
Bakugan Ventus Maxotaur (Battle Planet Main)
Ventus Barbetra (Armored Alliance Main)
Ventus Sectanoid (Evolutions Main)

Team AAAnimus Inc. (former)
Exit Team (former)
First appearance Pegatrix
Voiced by Josette Jorge (ENG)
Mei Shibata (JP)

China Riot (チャイナ・リオット, Chaina Riotto?) is a secondary, former antagonist character and a Ventus Brawler from the Generation 2 franchise that debuts on Bakugan Battle Planet anime.

She is a former member of AAAnimus Inc. and currently is an independent brawler.

Her Partner Bakugan is a Ventus Maxotaur, which she replaced with a Ventus Barbetra in Armored Alliance, and then with a Ventus Sectanoid in Evolutions.



This 6-year-old Bakugan Battler phenomenon is both spoiled and fearsome. Auctioning her abilities to the highest bidder, China has found a comfortable second home with AAAnimus Inc. China is driven solely by the accumulation of money and pretty things. China works for Aaanimus and will go wherever she is needed to help advance the company's goals, her primary personal goal is the be the best & cutest Bakugan fighter ever. Quirky, precocious and fearsome.



Bakugan: Battle Planet[edit]

China Riot is a vindictive brawler, with ties to AAAnimus Inc. As Lia discovers Pegatrix, China is monitoring her, eager to challenge Lia to a brawl. China sends Lia a message, conveyed by her butler Jenkins, challenging her to a Bakugan brawl, along with a contract. Lia signs China's contract, but doesn't realize until later that it contains a clause stating that the loser of the brawl has to hand over their Bakugan to the winner. After the Awesome Ones arrive at the brawling location, China exploits Lia's impatience by dragging out her drink of tea before starting the brawl. China throws out her Ventus Maxotaur, and further distracts Lia during the brawl by asking her to "not be a meanie" to her Maxotaur. This upsets Lia even more, causing her to lose her focus. After Maxotaur lands a hit on Lia's Haos Gorthion, Lia attempts to grab a Haos one close to her on the Hide Matrix, however China has a series of hidden platforms that can rise and fall on her command, which prevent Lia from obtaining access to any BakuCores. With the help of her platforms, China handily defeats Lia, and per the contract, Lia has to give Gorthion to China. Dan and Wynton step up to challenge China, wagering their own Bakugan in order to win Gorthion back. Pegatrix acts as an "eye in the sky", locating BakuCores for Dan and Wynton. With the combined effort of Drago, Trox, and Pegatrix, the Awesome Ones easily beat Maxotaur, and Gorthion is returned to Lia. However, China refuses to hand over Maxotaur, and escapes with Jenkins on a helicopter.[1]

Bakugan: Armored Alliance[edit]

Bakugan: Evolutions [edit]

China Riot has currently enrolled at the Bakugan Academy with her new Partner Bakugan Sectanoid, and it is revealed that she's roommates with Lia Venegas.



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Bakugan: Armored Alliance[edit]

Bakugan: Evolutions[edit]





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