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Haavik anime.png

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Race Shapeshifter Alien
Gender Male
Brawling Information
Main FactionMain Faction used by this battler
Darkus Darkus
Bakugan Sabrus (main)

Team Haavik's Thrall (Former)
Hanoj's Contestants
Voiced by Dan Petronijevic

Haavik (ハーヴィック, Hāvuikku?) is an antagonic character from the Reboot Series, appearing first on Bakugan: Armored Alliance as its main antagonist; then, returning as a secondary antagonist in Bakugan: Legends.

He is a shapeshifting alien with God-like powers, which uses to bring mayhem and destruction between worlds. He arrived on earth after escaping from a police force, where, as soon as realizing the presence of Bakugan on the planet, decided to make a great spetacle of chaos, using the Bakugan as his tool and "recruiting" people to his side, to help him and rid the Awesome Brawlers, who were foiling their plan. In the last episodes, he was defeated by the AB with the Infinity power, thus forcing him to leave Earth and Vestroia for now, and freeing his team from his control.

Thanks to his powers, he's able to fuse two Bakugan of different Faction, of which he gets two Fusion Bakugan on his own: a Fangzor x Mantonoid in the beginning, and later Sabrus, which is a fusion of five Bakugan of different Factions (except Aurelus), making it his Main Bakugan. He later steals Pyravian for the last episodes of Season Two, just to force-fuse her with Sabrus and creating the Sabrus x Pyravian fusion.

He returns in Bakugan: Legends, in which he offered Hanoj to join his Battle Judgement between the Awesome Brawlers since he found his destructive plan exciting, with the addtion to get a brief revenge of his previous defeat.






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Bakugan: Armored Alliance[edit]

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Behind the Scenes[edit]

Haavik's Hero Card with his early name
  • Haavik's name was initially Malhem, but his name was changed to his final name sometime during development. This early name can be seen on Haavik's Hero Card.