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Nova Hanoj

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Faction None
Fate Sealed away inside of his own castle
Power 5000 Bs
First appearance Magnus, The Leader
Voiced by Lawrence Bayne (ENG)
Yuki Onodera (JP)

Nova Hanoj, Hanoj (ハノージ, Hanōji?) in the anime, is a colossal dragon-based Bakugan that debuts in Bakugan: Legends as the main antagonist of the season. Alongside with his inexhaustible army of four-legged Bakugan named as Swarm, Hanoj nearly pushed ancient Vestroia to the verge of extinction until he was sealed away with the power of the Nova Reflector. In the future, Hanoj is unleashed and is confronted by the Awesome Brawlers, who propose a Battle Judgement. He agrees, and chooses various contestants to fight for him in the competition, being those the villains that the Awesome Brawlers fought during their past adventures.


Bakugan: Legends[edit]

Hanoj debuts in Magnus, The Leader. After many of his Swarm soldiers were taken down by the Awesome Brawlers, he teleports to the battlefield and confronts them, demanding an answer as to what they had done to his "precious Swarm".

In The Ultimate Bakugan, a flashback shows Hanoj confronting the Supreme Council. He mocks their strength, but soon senses that something had happened to his Swarm. Back on Earth, Hanoj points out that the Brawlers' Bakugan had the Nova light, and comes to the conclusion that they were the ones who had defeated his minions. After Dan Kouzo confirms his suspicions, Hanoj demonstrates his power and introduces himself to the group, as well as his intentions of devouring Earth's energy. After Drago talks about Hanoj's origins, Lia asks to the villain what he had done to Vestroia, of which he replies that he had consumed most of their power. Wynton asks him how he had gotten to Earth, and Hanoj reveals that his Swarm allowed him to teleport anywhere. The Awesome Brawlers and their Bakugan confront the Swarm and successfully defeat many of them, causing Hanoj to realize that the soure of their power is their bond. Drago and Nillious combine their might and attack Hanoj, but he is not damaged at all. He reveals that, thanks to his Swarm, he is able to sustain himself and has consumed the energy of many worlds, but Vestroia couldn't understand his needs and sealed him away. He attacks the Awesome Brawlers' Bakugan with his Thunder Shock technique and decides to take Earth's energy for himself. Dan tries to reason with him, and eventually convinces him to solve things via a Battle Judgement. He leaves the battlefield, but not before stating that the fate of the Earth was already sealed.

In The Fated First Battle, Hanoj's Swarm attack the Magli Island. After the Awesome Brawlers defeat some of them, Hanoj appears as hologram and reveals that the island was the first location of their Battle Judgement. Drago remembers him that he had promised to leave Earth alone until the battle. Hanoj states that the Battle Judgement had already begun, and therefore he was free to take Earth's energy, yet he would return it if the Brawlers won the match. He later shows the first opponent of the Battle Judgement: Calloway Storm, and reveals that he had realized the might of the bond between a human and a Bakugan thanks to his first fight against the Awesome Brawlers. After Storm is defeated, he returns the island's energy as promised.

In Time To Brawl!, Hanoj appears as an hologram and reveals that the second round of the Battle Judgement was about to begin. The Swarm teleports the Awesome Brawlers to Vestroia, where two new opponents are revealed: McQ and Everett Ray. Ajit finds it strange that they were going to face two of them. Hanoj mentions that he wanted to end the Judgement as soon as possible so he could destroy Earth. After Hanoj's duo comes out as victorious, the villain gleefully commands his army to devour the energy of the place.

In Back to Brakistan, Hanoj once again appears as an hologram and uses his Swarm to teleport the Awesome Brawlers to the Brakistan, where the third round of the Battle Judgement would happen.

In The Eye of The Sandstorm, Hanoj uses his energy to empower McQ and Everett Ray's Bakugan. After the duo are defeated, Hanoj scolds them and tells them that they should perish along with the rest of the Earth. He returns the energy to Brakistan and then leaves.

In To Catch A Swarm, the Awesome Brawlers are teleported to Hanoj's hideout. He reveals that he had turned his former prison, a planet, into his own castle. He then decides to confront them. The Brawlers make use of many of their past form and powers, such as the Baku-Gear, Nanogan and evolutions, yet Hanoj is not harmed at all. He continues to have the upper arm on the battle until Shun, Wynton and Lia come back to the group with a now tamed Swarm, allowing them to escape from Hanoj's castle.

In Attack On Los Volmos, Hanoj appears as an hologram and is shown to be extremely angry at the Awesome Brawlers for invading his castle. He then unleashes his other participants: Armstrong Tripp and Nova Tiko, and Gregorius Reed and Nova Viloch, to wreak havoc on the city as a way to make them pay for their intrusion. Eventually, Shun and Lightning are defeated by the duo, and Hanoj proceeds to take away the energy from the city.

In Ready To Crumble, Hanoj teleports the Brawlers to a cavern in Darkavia, where Drago battles against Tiko. After the Brawlers emerge victorious, Hanoj is about to return the energy of the cavern when Ferascal tells him that he should give it to Earth. He agrees, yet he states that it won't matter as once the Battle Judgement ends, all of the energy would belong to him.

In Yucatan Slam, the Awesome Brawlers develop a device for Buzzy to take back the energy that Hanoj had stolen and give it back to Earth. After he realizes that his power was disappearing, he sends out his Swarm and decides to take back the energy. The Swarm relentlessly attack the Brawlers, and they ultimately decide to retreat. Hanoj then states that he was going to have his revenge on the next match of the Battle Judgement.

In Clash In The Capital, Hanoj teleports the Brawlers to Aureopolis, where Dan and Athena face Gregorius and Faustus, respectively. After the Dan and Drago emerge victorious, Hanoj states that they were the only warriors standing on his way, and that it was only a matter of time before he took Earth and Vestroia's remaining energy.

In Wreaking Haavik!, Hanoj teleports the Brawlers to the floating city of Haora, where Dan fights against Haavik and Nova Sabra.

In Judgement Night, Hanoj approaches the Brawlers and tells them that he had prepared the ultimate battlefield. He teleports them to a volcanic area and reveals that Magnus Black was their last opponent. As Drago and Nillious fight with each other with their full strength, Hanoj comments at how impressive they were, yet it didn't matter who would win in the end.

In An Alliance Of Strength, Hanoj continues to observe Drago and Nillious fighting, and comments that their fight was pouring energy into Vestroia, of which his Swarm was consuming. Magnus eventually reveals his plans of teaming up with Dan to face Hanoj, as he knew that the villain would not leave Earth alone regardless of the outcome of the Battle Judgement. By combining their power, Drago and Nillious attack Hanoj and cause substantial damage to him. Angered, he unleashes the Swarm and is about to fight on full power when he feels that the Nova Reflector had been reactivated. He proceeds to teleport to the reflector.

In The Ultimate Plan, Hanoj and the Swarm fights against the Awesome Brawlers, but they are quickly subdued by the villains. Nillious decides to attack him directly, but he is easily outpowered. He is about to be finished off by Hanoj when Dan and Drago save him. Eventually, Nillious and Drago fuse and cause considerable damage to Hanoj with their attacks. The Nova Reflector fires directly at Hanoj, and the Swarm jump in front of him, acting as a shield. This allows him to absorb the Nova light, causing him to permanently merge with his Swarm and become extremely powerful. A super-charged Hanoj reveals that he knew exactly what the Brawlers had planned, and that he would use the power that he had gained to become the most powerful being to ever exist.

In Power In Numbers, Hanoj comments that the Nova power offers him limitless possibilities. As Dragonoid X Nillious attempt to stop him, Hanoj reveals that he had overheard them talking about a new Nova Reflector when they invaded his castle. He proceeds to toss Dragonoid X Nillious away, and the Awesome Brawlers' Bakugan, along with Pyravian and Goreene, team-up to stop him. However, Hanoj easily subdues them. Dragonoid X Nillious are then powered with a beam of Nova light, causing them to split up into several of their past forms, all of which fight against Hanoj. They initially have the upper arm in battle, until Hanoj decides to absorb more energy from Vestroia. He proceeds to use Beam Fist, and causes a massive explosion that causes the Brawlers' Bakugan to return to their ball forms.

In Bakugan Brawl!, Hanoj reveals his intentions of eliminating the Awesome Brawlers and consuming the remaining energy of Earth and Vestroia. While Dan holds Drago's ball form, Hanoj mocks him, asking if they were still intending to fight him even after all of his past forms were defeated in battle. Dan answers by launching Drago into battle, who then uses Twisting Inferno. Hanoj dodges and mocks them, until he realizes that they were firing at his castle to power it up with Nova energy. While Dragonoid X Nillious and their past forms fly towards the castle, Hanoj is restrained by the Awesome Brawlers' Bakugan. They shoot a powerful energy beam at his castle, causing it to fly straight at him. Hanoj attempts to stop it, but is ultimately encased inside of the planet and has his power drained, entering on a state of deep slumber.

Nova Bakugan Time Variants[edit]

Nova Infused Bakugan, Geogan & Nanogan[edit]

Physical Game[edit]


Nova Hanoj Bakulog
Card Image Faction B-Power Damage Rating Paired Bakucores Included In
Nova Hanoj (Ventus Card) ENG 112 CC LE.png Ventus Nova Hanoj (Open).png Ventus Ventus Icon-power.png 400 6 Icon-damage.png Battle Planet Shield BakuCore.pngBattle Planet Fist BakuCore.png
Nova Hanoj (Aurelus Card) ENG 56 CC LE.png Aurelus Nova Hanoj (Open).png Aurelus Aurelus Icon-power.png 300 10 Icon-damage.png BakuCore Helix Symbol.pngBakuCore Helix Symbol.png


  • According to a description of the fifth season, Hanoj's full name is "Horts Hanoj".[1]
    • Backwards, his name is "Jonah Stroh". Hanoj's name is likely an homage to Jonah, as he has worked as a producer of the Battle Planet series.
  • Hanoj shares some resemblance to Naga from the First Generation. This is due to the fact that they do not have an Attribute or Faction, and have a mostly monochromatic color scheme.