Everett Ray

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Everett Ray
Everett Ray anime.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Brawling Information
Main FactionMain Faction used by this battler
Darkus (GR)
Haos (AA)
Bakugan Haos Maxodon (former main)
link=Bakugan Cyndeous x Skorporos
Darkus Garganoid
Darkus Centipod
Darkus Demorc
Darkus Oxidox
link=Bakugan Cyndeous x Skorporos (current main)

Team Haavik's Thrall (former)
Gregorius Reed (former)
First appearance The Lost and the Cost
Voiced by Josh Grahams

Everett Ray is an antagonistic character that acts as a minor antagonist in Battle Planet and a major one in Armored Alliance and Geogan Rising.

He was a movie director, later a member of Haavik's Thrall, and a former member of Gregorius Reed

He was a Haos Brawler and used a Haos Maxodon as his main Bakugan. Later, in Geogan Rising, he changes into a Darkus Brawler and owns four Darkus Bakugan: Garganoid, Centipod, Demorc, and Oxidox who was his new main. During Legends, he used a Darkus/Haos Cyndeous x Skorporos.

He can summon two Darkus Geogan: Sluggler and Ghost Beast.





Bakugan Battle Planet[edit]

He first appears in The Lost and the Cost giving Lia and the others an idea to create a Bakugan league to make money in order to save the park, The Awesome Ones do not like the idea of Bakugan being used for money - but they still do it in order to send a message. In the league, Dan battles China Riot, Riot takes things too far and causes damage which makes the crowd boo because of the danger this battle is causing. Dan and the others end the battle and send a message that Everett Rays ideas are bad and Bakugan should never be used for money.



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