Strata the Hunter

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Bakugan are worth money, there are tons of people who want these things.
Strata the Hunter, Strata's Fear
Strata the Hunter
Strata the Hunter Character Art (JP).png
Race Human
Age 35
Gender Male
Brawling Information
Main FactionMain Faction used by this battler
Ventus (GR)
Aquos (BP & AA)
Bakugan Aquos/Ventus Krakelios x2
Darkus/Haos Skorporos x2
Ventus Cubbo
Ventus Hydranoid
Ventus Harperion (Current Main)

Team AAAnimus Inc. (former)
Exit Team (former)
Tiko (former)
Gregorius Reed (former)
First appearance Strata's Fear
Voiced by Dan Petronijevic

Strata the Hunter is an antagonistic character who acts as a secondary antagonist in Battle Planet; a minor character in Armored Alliance; and a major antagonist in Geogan Rising.

He was a hunter that worked for AAAnimus Inc.; but was later fired and brainwashed by Tiko. In Armored Alliance, he worked solo until Geogan Rising, when he joined with Gregorius Reed to help him to control the Geogan.

His Partner Bakugan was an Aquos Krakelios, and he also wielded a Haos and a Darkus Skorporos. Later, in Bakugan: Geogan Rising, he turns into a Ventus brawler and uses four Ventus Bakugan: Krakelios, Cubbo, Hydranoid, and Harperion who is his new Partner. He also uses two Ventus Geogan: Viperagon and Insectra.



Once he hunted the world's most dangerous wildlife... Until he became aware of the existence of the otherworldly creatures called Bakugan. Strata has since tailored his cutting-edge hunting techniques to track down and neutralize Bakugan for sport. He's captured a few, keeping them as inert trophies in his mansion. Using a special energy-siphoning weapon, Strata has the ability to drain a Bakugan of its power, leaving it dormant. [1]



Bakugan Battle Planet[edit]

Strata's first known "hunt" is Bear, who was playing with Bobby until Strata brainwashed Bear using a mind-control device. After the Awesome Ones tracked him down, he pitted Bear against them until Lightning destroyed the device controlling Bear. However, he manages to evade capture by the Awesome Ones.[2]



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