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Lightning (portrait).jpg
Race Dog
Age 18 (Dog Years)
Gender Male
Brawling Information
Main FactionMain Faction used by this battler
Darkus Darkus
Bakugan Howlkor (Main)
Ferascal (Main in Geogan Rising)

Team Awesome Brawlers
First appearance Origin of the Species Part 1
Voiced by Will Bowes[1]

Lightning is a French bulldog and a Darkus Brawler who is one of the main characters of the Generation 2 Series, serving as one of the main protagonists of it.

He is the mascot of Dan Kouzo and a member of the Awesome Brawlers.

His Partner Bakugan was Darkus Howlkor. He also has three other Darkus Bakugan: Artulean, Phaedrus, and Tretorous.
Later, in Howlkor's place came Darkus Ferascal in Geogan Rising. In addition, he uses the Darkus Geogan Montrapod in the same season.

Lightning sometimes speaks in some episodes, with only the viewer and his Bakugan being able to understand what he is saying.



Age: 18... in dog years. A French Bulldog, Lightning sports a collar that allows him to carry and launch his own Bakugan. All kids filming prank videos need a lookout and for the Heroes that lookout is Lightning. A stray found lingering in the back alley of Dan's home, Lightning has become their unofficial mascot. A happy, dumpy, sleepy French Bulldog who often co-stars with Dan, Lightning isn't quite as fast as his name might suggest, but he's good for a "YAP" when trouble is coming. Lightning is the best dog in the world... and that was before the kids discovered that he could fight alongside them with Bakugan! That's right, a dog— one very special dog— has his own Bakugan and uses them in battle with his human friends!

During downtime, Lightning is usually sleeping, eating or playing with the Bakugan roaming around Dan's house. But when trouble rears its head, Lightning snaps into warrior mode and can brawl with the best of them! Lightning is a dog, and yes, it's a little wacky that a dog is an active part of Dan's team, but as an animal he has a different relationship with Bakugan than any human could ever hope to have. His animal instincts can mean the difference between success and defeat for the whole team. And no, Lightning does NOT talk— at least not in any way humans can understand. But his loyalty to his friends, human and Bakugan alike, give his partners faith in his abilities... Even if he does occasionally bury a Bakugan in the back yard.[2]


Lightning is the canine member of the Awesome Ones. Despite being non-human, he is shown to be a capable brawler, giving instructions to his Bakugan through his barks. He has a small ball attached to his collar that allows him to easily carry and summon his Bakugan.


Bakugan Battle Planet[edit]

Lightning tags along with the Awesome Ones as they sneak into Pinpoint Park to film a video at a crater caused by the original Great Collision. Along with the rest of the members, he is caught up in the second Great Collision and discovers Darkus Howlkor, his Partner Bakugan.[3]

Lightning and the rest of the Awesome Ones and their newfound Bakugan spend their time filming videos for their ViewTube channel. This is comprised of Dan, Wyton, Lia, and Lightning, and their Bakugan Drago, Trox, Gorthion, and Howlkor respectively, training and experimenting with BakuCores. The Awesome Ones share this discovery with the viewers on their ViewTube channel.[4]

Lightning accompanies the rest of the Awesome Ones during a long night of training of brawling. While Dan and Drago are out getting meals for the group in the morning, Wynton, Lia, and Lightning attempt to sleep while their respective Bakugan demand brawls, and try to wake them up through various methods, such as with a loud horn.[5]

Lightning accompanies Wynton and Lia when they confront Dan and Drago about the destruction they caused while training. He also meets up with the Awesome Ones at the Burger Joint, after Dan's initial encounter with the Rowdy Reds.[6]

While Lightning and Howlkor are training with Dan and Drago, one of Howlkor's Prismatic Bolt attacks launches Drago in the aired, towards a nearby house. Dan recalls Drago back into his ball form to avoid destroying the house, but Drago still manages to break a windowpane. The pair receive a scolding from the owner of the house, while Kravitz watches. The next day, the Awesome Ones find that their usual training grounds have been cordoned off, being declared a "Bakugan-free" area. They attempt to find another location to train, but every available spot is packed with other children looking for a place to use their Bakugan. At the last available spot, the group encounters Kravitz again, this time leading a group of protesters into declaring Bakugan brawling banned. The Awesome Ones return to their clubhouse, and upon seeing their viewership drop significantly, decide to make a mock-up brawling video, using cardboard cutouts of buildings and keeping their Bakugan in ball form, in order to avoid trouble. However, Kravitz has been spying on the group and uses this to her advantage, again forcing Drago, Trox, Gorthion, and Howlkor out of ball form, destroying the set. Kravitz then confronts the Awesome Ones again, disguised as the anti-Bakugan activist, along with several members of the community, include Bill and Barbara Kouzo. The group of protesters, including Dan's parents, demand that the Awesome Ones had their Bakugan over to Kravitz. Kravitz takes their Bakugan, declaring everything "safe".

While this is occurring, Benton Dusk watches, and decides to cause a weather satellite to plummet towards Los Volmos. Back in their clubhouse, the Awesome Ones watch Veronica Venegas as she reports on the incoming satellite. Dan formulates a plan: if they could get their Bakugan back, they could destroy the satellite and repair Los Volmos' perceptions towards Bakugan. The team stops Kravitz on her way out of Los Volmos, demanding their Bakugan back. Kravitz declines, but as she walks past the Awesome Ones, her device that forces Bakugan out of their ball forms is knocked from her person, falling and activating the Bakugan in the cases. The Bakugan break free, and Kravitz escapes. Lightning and Howlkor are reunited and begin to help escort civilians out of the city. After seeing this, the citizens of Los Volmos, including Dan's parents, tear up their anti-Bakugan fliers, and return to accepting Bakugan.[7]

Lightning helps Lia test out her new drone technology, when she notices something in the background of her videos. Lia goes off to investigate, and when Lightning and the rest of the Awesome Ones catch up to her, they find that she has discovered a new Bakugan, Pegatrix. Pegatrix exerts her influence to calm Dan and the Awesome Ones. The Awesome Ones return to their clubhouse, where they find Jenkins with a brawl offer from China Riot for Lia. Lia immediately agrees and signs the accompanying contract.[8]

Lightning helps out with the contest between Magnus Black and Shun Kazami to join the Awesome Ones.[9] He later is part of the party that tracks down Bear, a Bakugan of Bobby's that Strata the Hunter had brainwashed. In the confrontation, Lightning ends up destroying the device controlling Bear, setting him free.[10]

After discovering a ball of goo, Lightning finds a new Bakugan partner, Artulean. Lightning attempts to introduce Artulean to Howlkor, though the two do not get along well. However, due to the meddling of Magnus Black, Artulean is turned against the Awesome Ones, but is brought back to her sense by Lightning.[11]



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Collection of Lightning concept art
  • Lightning's concepts had some of the most variety out of the original cast, including a number of different breeds of dogs and even an anthropomorphic concept.