Philomena Dusk

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Philomena Dusk
BBP Philomena FullProfileShadowed.png
Race Human
Age Early 30s
Gender Female
Brawling Information
Main FactionMain Faction used by this battler
Haos Haos
Bakugan Apollyon

Team AAAnimus Inc.
First appearance Local Heroes
Voiced by Janice Hawke

Philomena Dusk, Fiona (フィオナ, Fiona?) in Japanese version, is a character that appears in Bakugan Battle Planet and the main antagonist during the first part of the same season. She is the older sister of Benton Dusk and is the Chief Executive of AAAnimus Inc.. She wanted to get the Bakugan of The Awesome Brawlers so she could use them for her own benefit. Later, she redeems her actions and becomes an ally to them and helps to stop Tiko from destroying the Earth and Vestroia. She uses a Haos Apollyon as her Partner Bakugan.



Philomena is Benton Dusk's older, meaner, and smarter sister. After Benton had a serious falling out with his father, Philomena took up the mantle of Chief Officer of the Dusk business empire and took it to every corner of the planet. Ruthless and pragmatic, Philomena has no love for her wayward brother Benton. If anything, she would relish taking him completely out of the picture. With an intimate knowledge of the Bakugan phenomenon, Philomena has spent a fortune attempting to unlock their secrets and bring their vast potential to bear for AAAnimus Inc.



Bakugan Battle Planet[edit]

Philomena is the leader of AAAnimus Inc, a global corporation that focuses on using Bakugan to advance its own selfish desires. She has a number of underlings who work for her, including Kravitz, a spy and infiltrator who nearly stole the entirety of the Bakugan from Los Volmos. She is aware of the Awesome Ones, and how they stand in the way of her goals.[1]



Bakugan Battle Planet[edit]