Benton Dusk

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Benton Dusk
Benton Dusk Character Art (JP).png
Race Human
Age Late 20s
Gender Male
Brawling Information
Main FactionMain Faction used by this battler
Aquos Aquos
Bakugan Hydranoid

Team AAAnimus Inc. (former Chief Executive)
Dusk Industries (current Chief Executive)
Awesome Brawlers
First appearance Origin of the Species Part 2
Voiced by Will Bowes

Benton Dusk is a character that appears in Bakugan Battle Planet. He is an ally of The Awesome Brawlers and helps them in diverse problems related to Bakugan in order to prevent them from being used for evil and selfish ends. He also runs his own company called Dusk Industries, which was created after her older sister, Philomena Dusk, became the new boss of his previous company, AAAnimus Inc.. He uses an Aquos Hydranoid as his Partner Bakugan.



A mysterious, enigmatic figure, Benton Dusk plays a pivotal role in the world of Bakugan. As a world-famous business magnate, investor, engineer and inventor, Dusk is truly a modern renaissance man. He is ranked as the 79th wealthiest person in the world and ranked 16th on Culture Magazine's list of the World's Most Influential People. The very existence of the Bakugan holds great interest for Dusk. For him, they fall right in line with how he sees the future of humanity. His goal is to keep Bakugan and their powers open source. In other words, available for all to use. To that end, Benton recruits Dan and the Awesome Ones to aid his personal quest to collect the Core Cells. While he starts out as a mysterious benefactor, and is in fact a good guy, there will be a schism between these heroes that will turn Benton into an antagonist.



Bakugan Battle Planet[edit]

Benton Dusk first encounters the Awesome Ones through their videos on ViewTube.[1]

Benton appears as an omnipresent figure, watching Kravitz from AAAnimus Inc destroy the community of Los Volmos' trust in Bakugan. In response, he shuts off the power of an orbiting weather satellite, causing it to plummet towards the town. The Awesome Ones manage to reacquire their Bakugan and destroy the satellite before it caused serious damage to the city.[2]

Later on, he uses Duran Dane's acting skills to test Dan and Wynton.[3]

Benton finally reveals himself to the Awesome Ones after a boy named Kurin flees with battling data on the Awesome Ones.[4] When the Awesome Ones meet Benton at his office, Benton discusses the individuals who are following them, they are part of AAAnimus Inc., an organization that seeks to use Bakugan for evil purposes. Benton and the AO team up and enter a portal to the AAAnimus HQ, sneaking past guards, they encounter Kurin again with AAAnimus grunts. Benton leaves to find the data and destroy it while the AO fights Kurin and the grunts, he succeeds on destroying the data. A hologram of Philomena Dusk, the leader of AAAnimus appears, and Benton reveals that she is his sister. Philomena tells the AO and Benton not to mess with her plans and vanishes.[5]

The Awesome Ones help Benton once again when he asks them to help a Darkus Bakugan named Phaedrus, whose friends were captured in The Maze. Benton warns the group to be careful not to get lost, or they may not come back. Later on, Lightning and Phaedrus return with the freed Bakugan, but Dan, Wynton, Lia, and Shun are not back in the real world.[6]

Worried about the Dan and the others possibly being trapped forever, he sees something coming through the portal door, but it is actually Strata the Hunter. Strata sends out his Bakugan and damage his office, Lightning is forced to battle Strata as revenge and to stop him. Dan and the others finally make it back to the real world after their long journey through The Maze, with their combined strength they easily defeat Strata. Dan and the others tell Benton what happened during their journey and fall asleep from their exhaustion, Benton tells them they did a great job and to rest up.[7]

Benton's earlier actions are exposed due to Duran Dane slipping the truth to Dan, the Awesome Ones are shocked that Benton put Dan and Wynton in danger and don't trust him anymore after what he did. The AO then partner up with Philomena Dusk in her plan to use the Core Cell for "good", but Benton is angered that his favorite Awesome Ones are teaming up with his sister.[8]

After the Awesome Ones realize they have made a grave mistake and caused their partner Bakugan to be in the hands of Col. Tripp, they are desperate for help until Benton comes to their studio. Benton tells the whole truth, he wants to use the Core Cell and make its power available for everyone, open-source. The AO and Benton team up again to stop AAAnimus Inc, Bentons job being to stop the Core Cell system.[9] Benton hacks into the AAAnimus system but is confronted by Philomena Dusk, who uses her kung fu skills to stop Benton, but fails; Benton succeeds to allow the Core Cell to be open-source to the world. The Awesome Ones use freed partner Bakugan to defeat Philomena's Apollyon later on. Benton thanks the Awesome Ones and explains that there are is another Core Cell out there, so he asks them for help once again to go on another journey. Benton then looks at an unknown Bakugan ball, saying his "Hydranoid" will awaken soon.[10]



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  • Benton being Darkus on his portrait and Hero Card was a miscommunication due to the first set, and therefore the art for it, being made extremely early on. Only Benton's ominous teasing in the first few episodes was referenced by the artists, the Faction he uses is later to revealed to be Aquos in Who Are You? .
  • Benton used to have a section on the Official Bakugan website, but it was removed due to it containing spoilers. It has since been readded.