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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 27
Previous Dawn Before Dusk, Part 2
Next Maze Daze

Stratified is the twenty-seventh episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on February 23rd, 2019.


The Awesome Ones have received an email to come to Benton Dusk's Headquarters, Benton asks the AO to help a Bakugan named Phaedrus, who asks the AO to do a favor, to save her friends who are trapped/imprisoned in “The Maze”, Phaedrus was the only one who escaped, her friends didn't and were captured by Strata the Hunter. Phaedrus shudders because she is afraid to go in, but the Brawlers will have her back and will protect her. Benton tells the AO that the maze is large and uncharted, if they become separated from their Bakugan, they may not be able to find their way out - ever.

The AO go through Benton's door to The Maze, a whole different world, Dan discusses how Drago sensed something familiar in the maze when they were trapped in this place because of Duran Dane, the other Bakugan have this strange sense too. Phaedrus finds the next path they must go to, the AO go into a portal and find a castle-like structure where Phaedrus' friends are trapped inside. Before they can try, Strata the Hunter stops them, telling the AO that they've come to return his escape trophies, Strata wants to keep the captured Bakugan as trophies and can do anything he wants with them. Lia initiates the battle by activating the drome, but it doesn't appear, Shun notices there are no BakuCores in this location either; Dan recalls once again that Duran Dane's house had a situation similar to this.

The AO Bakugan roll out by themselves to fight against Strata's Krakelios, yet the Bakugan somehow use their attacks without BakuCores; this appears to be how it is in the maze. The AO Bakugan struggle to fight Strata's Krakelios, who goes through teleporting doors to stop them. Phaedrus tells Lightning that he should use his sense of smell to track down Strata, so Phaedrus turns into Bakugan Form and uses Thunderbolt to cause rocks to pile on Strata and his Krakelios. Phaedrus' friends are freed and they all go alongside the AO to the exit portal, but Strata returns to stop them and not let them escape with his “trophies”. Phaedrus and Lightning leave in order to protect the Bakugan. Strata's Krakelios uses Aquos Splash on the AO Bakugan, which causes the ground to collapse and lead the Bakugan and Brawlers to fall into a pit. Meanwhile, Lightning and Phaedrus return to Benton's HQ with the saved Bakugan, but the AO aren't with him. Back with the AO, they survived the fall but find themselves in another part of The Maze, not knowing where to go.

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Featured Brawls[edit]

  • The Awesome Ones vs. Strata the Hunter (Krakelios) = The Awesome Ones win