Calling All Parents

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Calling All Parents
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 83
Previous An Army of Their Own
Next Nowhere to Turn

Calling All Parents is the eighty-third episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired on November 24, 2019 in the United States on Cartoon Network alongside Nowhere to Turn.


After The AO and Philomena escaped the AAAnimus Campus, Benton misled the public about the V Virus Bakugan going on a rampage due to "negligence". This resulted in outcries by adults and caused Philomena replaced by Benton. Benton (Tiko) has twisted the story, bought all the stock of his sisters company, and misled the people to blame Philomena. Philomena warns the Awesome Ones to lay low, but the kids notice that Kravitz is on TV. Kravitz starts to say false information that Bakugan are "aliens who want to drain energy from humans", and they should take their kids' Bakugan and give it to the Dusk Industries Bakugan Removal Force to protect them. Now with control of both Dusk Industries and AAAnimus, Tiko's new plan is to take all Bakugan away so nobody can stop his plan.

Unfortunately, Dan's parents believe the false story on the news but Dan runs out to protect his partner Bakugan. The Bakugan Removal Force is sadly working, and the adults are listening likely due to Benton being so influential as he owns two companies (Dusk and AAAnimus). The AO decide to go online to tell the public that the Bakugan are not evil, but their videos are strangely taken down almost as if they were hacked.

The Rowdy Reds run towards Dan and his friends, explaining that their parents took and gave away their precious Skorporoses. The Dusk Industries Bakugan Removal Force then arrives and confronts The Awesome Ones, but Dan is not going to agree to their demands. The grunts are forced to respond by sending out their Bakugan, which turns out to be the Skorporoses owned by the Rowdy Reds! The grunts and the Bakugan have both been infected by the V Virus. Dan activates the Drome and it's a 1v3 battle, Drago tries to attack but the Drome is still broken due to Vestroia and Earth merging, therefore any damage will not be fixed at the end of the battle. Drago is no match, he can't attack or else he will cause real damage, Dan and Drago cannot battle in this location. Drago is outnumbered until Shun sends in Fade Ninja to use Cloud Cover so the Awesome Ones can escape.

The Awesome Ones got away, but the Rowdy Reds have lost their Skorporos, will be gone and stay infected forever? Dan and his friends now feel helpless, they can't use their Bakugan to stop Tiko's plan, what will the Awesome Ones do now?

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Featured Brawls[edit]

  • Dan Kouzo (Drago) & Shun Kazami (Fade Ninja) vs. Dusk Industries Grunts (Skorporoses) = No result, The Awesome Ones flee