Nowhere to Turn

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Nowhere to Turn
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 84
Previous Calling All Parents
Next Girl Power

Nowhere to Turn is the eighty-fourth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired on November 24, 2019 in the United States on Cartoon Network alongside Calling All Parents.


The Awesome Ones create a video to prove that the Bakugan and humans can coexist, Wynton decides to disguise their IP and post the video on different sites and countries, but their attempts all fail. Dan decides that they need to meet with everyone they know to cheer them up. The Awesome Ones meet up with familiar people, including Marco, Kurin, Duran, their attempts fail because they had their Bakugan away or do not care at all.

Wynton finds out Bobby had his Bakugan taken away and later is stopped by Col. Armstrong Tripp, he is forced to battle. Wynton sends out his Ventus team, Trox, Lupitheon, and Turtonium. Col Tripp wasn't going to be China Riots butler forever, so he is now the Supreme Commander of the Bakugan Removal Force. Wynton tries to throw BakuCores to his Bakugan but the Drome is still broken, the grunts respond with more Bakuzon, the endless waves keep getting defeated and reappear. Tripp then throws a B-Mine to Lupitheon, aiming to capture him again, Lupitheon swipes some Bakuzon away and knocks back Trox and Turtonium.

Col. Tripp then calls Lupitheon to end his rampage, so Tripp leaves with his newly captured Bakugan, Wynton's Lupitheon has been taken away. The Awesome Ones now are starting to lose their Bakugan as well with Lupitheon being taken, Wynton is crushed that he lost one of his partner Bakugan. The Rowdy Reds arrive to tell Dan that their video managed to appear on the internet, despite it being taken down. Luckily for the AO, people saw the video and redownloaded it, distributing around the web; the AO now have their message around the world, it's time for them to stop moping around and save the Bakugan.

Kravitz is frustrated, the videos keep popping up and she tells the grunts to continue deleting the videos, but they just keep coming, what will she say to Benton? She then overhears Tripp and Benton, the confiscation is taking too long, and Tripp won't give away Lupitheon, so Benton infects Tripp with the V Virus. A shocked Kravitz sees the possessed Tripp and runs away and Benton (Tiko) looks at the video the Awesome Ones posted, calling them a "real annoyance".

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Featured Brawls[edit]

  • Wynton Styles (Trox, Lupitheon, Turtonium) vs. Col. Tripp & Grunts = No outcome, Tripp leaves with Lupitheon