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In Focus
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 12
Previous Dog Daze
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In Focus is the twelfth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired on December 29th 2018 alongside Dog Daze at 7am ET.


While Lia's newswoman mom does an expose on the AO, Strata the Hunter tries to capture Hydorous. [1]


The AO are recording another video, Shun wants to know if they will Bakugan battle ever again, but the others talk about how this is how they roll. Shun realizes this is what inspired them. Lia's mom then shows up and asks the AO if they can shoot an exclusive story on them for the news, Dan wants Veronica to promise they'll look good. Unknowingly to them, Strata is listening to them above, he uses his control device to force the AO Bakugan to talk about how Dan is the greatest. In another scene Strata uses his device to cause Skorporos (Rowdy Reds) to go berserk and not listen, Dan tells them to stop and Strata stops the device to make it seem like Dan stopped the Bakugan - this impresses Veronica. More scenes of Dan telling the Bakugan Strata controlled to stop. Veronica compliments how Dan is a local hero Lia is amused and so is Wynton about how he is so full of himself. Strata is spying and talks about how things are getting tense because they aren't getting along.

The AO and Veronica are stopped by Aay, but this time he brought his friends, introducing themselves as The Exit… Aay and his crew challenge Dan. The drome activates, but Veronica can't enter because only Bakugan brawlers are allowed. It's Drago vs the five Mantonoids, but the other AO (Besides Shun, who believes they should all calm down) enter the battle because they don't want Dan to hog the spotlight. Dan and Lia argue about who should get in the spotlight which lets Aay land an attack on both of them. Trox fights Bee's Mantonoid with Wild Strike until Howlkor runs into Trox. Wynton and Lightning argue about being careful. The scene shows Dan and Lia, Wynton and Lightning arguing. Their Bakugan took great damage, Shun is mad because “looking cool on camera is the most important”. Shun believes the AO is not having fun and they should stop, suddenly Hydorous is attacked and is captured by Strata's net. A truck carries away Hydorous which Drago later points out.

Dan and Drago try to go after Hydorous before the Mantonoids surround him, but Lia, Wynton, and Lightning appear to help Dan go after Hydorous. Shun comes with Dan and the two ride on top of Drago, chasing truck that Strata is driving, Drago frees Hydorous and the two Bakugan go back to the battle.

Back with Lia/Wynton/Lightning, they are outnumbered by 5v3.. Dan and Shun return back to assist, and the battle continues further, but the AO win the battle. Veronica congratulates Dan on the battle, but Dan says that the report should be about all of the AO because when they're together, they all have fun - Veronica says she'll edit the piece to show all of them looking cool.

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Featured Brawls[edit]

The Awesome Ones (Dragonoid, Trox, Gorthion, Howlkor, and Hydorous vs. The Exit Team (Pyrus, Aquos, Haos, Ventus, and Darkus Mantonoid) = The Awesome Ones win