Dog Daze

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Dog Daze
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 11
Previous Strata's Fear
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Dog Daze is the eleventh episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired on on December 29th alongside In Focus at 7am ET.


Lightning discovers a new Bakugan, Artulean, leading to an unhealthy rivalry with Howlkor. [1]


Dan has finished the new Bakugan field on the “AO Field”, Lightning starts sniffing around and finds a ball of goo, which reveals a new Bakugan. He sends it out and reveals a human android like Bakugan, named Artulean. Howlkor tells Artulean to roll him to test his strength, and Artulean offers to battle Howlkor. Meanwhile, Lightning is being watched by a flying camera… Howlkor's Prismatic Laser knocks Artulean out.

Artulean wakes up and finds himself in the AO studio with Lightning offering him food. Artulean starts throwing objects for fun and rides Howlkor like a cowboy on his horse. Howlkor gets annoyed and starts jumping around, destroying the studio, disappointing Lightning and annoying the other AO. Dan talks about how Artulean is a different Bakugan, he likes to play pranks on Howlkor, putting Howlkor in masking tape.

A man in sunglasses appears (Magnus) and gives his business card to Dan, he is a Bakugan counselor, but Lightning is suspicious and runs away with his Artulean. Dan tells Lightning that he should trust the counselor, Magnus says he can be trusted, but he then throws Artulean into battle to be used against Dan. Magnus starts to control Artulean and shows a video, Magnus says they tried calling Artulean a problematic Bakugan and tried to get rid of him by showing a video.

Drago now must fight the controlled Artulean, but Lightning stops Dan from attacking Artulean. Magnus laughs how he is turning on his friend, Magnus rips off his disguise and sends out Nillious, revealing himself. Howlkor tells Lightning to let him out, so Lightning joins the battle and fights Artulean. Howlkor taps Artulean in the head (initiating a flashback where Howlkor did the same thing) and Artulean starts to come back to his senses. Howlkor battles Nillious with Umbral Slash but Pact of Darkness hurts Howlkor. Howlkor pleads Artulean for help, but Magnus uses his device further to control Artulean. Artulean struggles but still protects Howlkor from being hurt by Nillious, Lightning tells the truth to Artulean, Artulean says he won't forgive Magnus after deceiving him.

Artulean enters the battle against Magnus this time, and Howlkor and Artulean attack Nillious. Nillious isn't yet defeated, and Dan and Drago come back with Lia, Wynton, and Shun to see what happened. Magnus believes its a waste of time and flies away on Nillious. Afterwards, the AO talk about how Artulean and Howlkor actually have been pals this all time, but they just like to tease each other.

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