Maze Daze

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Maze Daze
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 28
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Maze Daze is the twenty-eighth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on February 23rd, 2019.


The Awesome Ones find themselves in an unknown part of The Maze, there is no way to communicate back to the surface. Drago finds another gate and senses that the group should go through it, the AO find themselves in another area of The Maze, but the portal they went through disappears. The blocks they stand on begin to move around, and the Bakugan save them before the AO get crushed. The AO and their Bakugan gather around, the AO are worried because Benton warned them about The Maze, believing they won't be able to find a way out.

Drago tells Dan that if they stick with their Bakugan, they can find a way out. Shun believes that The Maze has a deep connection with Bakugan, which is why they have to know where they are going. As the AO walk, they find the next place they should go, a portal appears and they fall into a crystal-like cavern. The crystal cavern has a change in gravity, the direction of gravity is reversed, Pegatrix notices there is a BakuCore on one of the crystals, despite the AO believing BakuCores don't exist in The Maze. When Dan decides to go on his own to get BakuCores, he starts to get flipped by the gravity until Drago saves him, they talk to each other about not letting their guard down until Strata falls into the cavern with his Krakelios.

Strata is annoyed that he ran into the AO again. Dan and his friends want to know the way out since Strata knew about the teleporting doors, but Strata doesn't know and is actually lost. Strata tells Krakelios to use Aquos Splash, but it doesn't work… dark goo suddenly falls and shadowy arms start attacking from above, a mysterious creature. Strata flees vowing to get his revenge. The creature starts to attack the AO Bakugan but they feel powerless to stop them, the creature, who is seen as a Trunkanious with tentacles is what the AO must face. The AO start to run around and look for BakuCores to power up their Bakugan. Dan cannot get the BakuCore to Drago, so he uses the gravity to reach Drago so he can touch them with the BakuCore to power them up Together the AO Bakugan attack at once and defeat the shadow elephant creature. The AO worked together with their Bakugan and defeated the creature, but behind a rock a dark golden Bakugan looks over and laughs before disappearing.

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Featured Brawls[edit]

  • The Awesome Ones vs. Bakuzon Trunkanious = The Awesome Ones win