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Faction Ventus Ventus
Faction Variations Aquos Aquos
Baku-Gear Trunk Tornado
Power 500 Bs

Trunkanious (タンカニオス, Tankaniosu?) is an elephant-like Bakugan in Bakugan Battle Planet. In the anime, it is owned by Lord Brakken. An Aquos version was seen being used by Chad.



Lord Brakken's Ventus Bakugan may not be the most strategic battler, but he is quick to join the brawl. With his special ability, he uses his trunk to suck up chunks of the ground and then launch the debris at his opponent. Trunkanious is also known to ram his opponents with his massive tusks. If he's charging in your direction, prepare to clear the path or risk being trampled by this enormous Bakugan.


Bakugan Battle Planet[edit]

Tiko transformed into a Bakuzon version of this Bakugan several times.

Trunkanious later makes its full debut, a Ventus Trunkanious, owned by Lord Brakken.

Physical Game[edit]


Trunkanious Ultra Bakulog
Card Image Faction B-Power Damage Rating Paired BakuCores Included In
Trunkanious Ultra (Pyrus Card) ENG 206 CC AA.png Pyrus Trunkanious Ultra (Open).png Pyrus Pyrus Icon-power.png300 1 Icon-damage.png Battle Planet Magic Shield BakuCore.pngBattle Planet Fist BakuCore.png
Trunkanious Ultra (Ventus Card) ENG 219 CC AA.png Ventus Trunkanious Ultra (Open).png Ventus Ventus Icon-power.png700 1 Icon-damage.png Battle Planet Flaming Fist BakuCore.pngBattle Planet Fist BakuCore.png
Trunkanious Ultra (Darkus Card) ENG 184 CC AA.png Darkus Trunkanious Ultra (Open).png Darkus Darkus Icon-power.png400 2 Icon-damage.png Battle Planet Magic Shield BakuCore.pngBattle Planet Flaming Fist BakuCore.png
  • Darkus Trunkanious Ultra Single Pack


Trunkanious Ultra Evos
Evo Card Faction Name Energy Cost B-Power Damage Rating Evolves From
Titan Trunkanious Ultra (Ventus Card) ENG 159 AR AA.png Ventus Titan Trunkanious Ultra Ventus Ventus 6 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png Icon-power.png900 8 Icon-damage.png Ventus Trunkanious Ultra
Hyper Trunkanious Ultra (Darkus Card) ENG 111 RA AA.png Darkus Hyper Trunkanious Ultra Darkus Darkus 2 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png Icon-power.png700 5 Icon-damage.png Darkus Trunkanious Ultra

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