Darkus Hyper Trunkanious Ultra (Age of Aurelus)

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BBP Darkus.svg Hyper Trunkanious Ultra
Hyper Trunkanious Ultra (Darkus Card) ENG 111 RA AA.png
Victor: You may discard a Flip card. If you do, give this +5 Icon-damage.png
Series: Battle Planet
Card Type: Evo


Evolved From: Darkus Trunkanious Ultra
B-Power: Icon-power.png700
Damage: 5 Icon-damage.png
Energy: 2 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png
Set: Age of Aurelus
Serial: 111_RA_AA
Rarity: Rare
Artist: Unknown
Base  • Epic (Does Not Exist)

Hyper  • Titan (Does Not Exist)  • Maximus (Does Not Exist)

Diamond (Does Not Exist)

Featured With[edit]


  • Due to the differences in the balancing of Spin Master and Takara Tomy cards, you are not allowed to mix the two series of cards. The only exception to this rule is the Bakugan Battle Pack, which contains Takara Tomy cards that have been specifically declared legal for play with Spin Master cards.