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Aurelus Hyper Pegatrix, an example of an Evo Card

A Evo Card is a type of Ability Card in the Bakugan Battle Planet trading card game. Evo Cards are played from the hand and are played on top of their matching Character Card and remain in play for the rest of the game.

The stages of evolution are Base > Hyper > Titan > Maximus. You can evolve from the Base Bakugan such as Aquos Hydorous Ultra to Aquos Maximus Hydorous Ultra without having to evolve to Hyper and Titan as long as you have the two required cards. This was the only type of Ability Card that supported the Aurelus Faction until the release of Age of Aurelus.

Diamond Cards are Evo Cards, however, you cannot evolve a Diamond Bakugan. Additionally, the Faction of the Diamond Card is based off the Bakugan's Faction, which is the Faction that the Bakugan is in the anime. For example, Diamond Dragonoid can only evolve from Pyrus Dragonoid because Dragonoid is a Pyrus Bakugan in the anime.

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Use this part of the page to search for specific Evo Cards, such as Aurelus Evo Cards, or Evo Cards that are 10 Damage Rating, or Evo Cards with 1000 B-Power, or low Energy cost Evo Cards.

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