Ability Card (Generation 2)

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Ability Cards are a type of card in the Bakugan Battle Planet gameplay. In the trading card game version a player must have 40 Ability Cards in their deck. Ability Cards require Energy. Ability Cards are received in a Bakugan Ultra booster/solo packs, a Starter Packs, and Battle Packs. The best way to get Ability Cards are through Card Booster Packs, the Starter Set, and especially the Card Collection. Card Boosters give 6 Common Cards, 2 Rare Cards, 1 Super Rare, Awesome Rare, or Bakugan Elite, and 1 HEX (Holographic Foil) Card.

There are several types of cards introduced in the first set:

The fourth card set, Armored Elite introduced two more card types:

There was an additional card type introduced in the seventh set, Secrets of the Geogan:

And, in the EV secondary set, an additional card type was introduced:

These types of Cards can be used to aid your Bakugan's three Character Cards in the Bakugan Pro Trading Card Game.