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A Starter Pack is a three-packs of Bakugan that were released during Generation 1, Generation 2, and Generation 3 versions of the franchise. These packs generally contained three unique Bakugan, as well as various cards and a Rulebook.

Generation 1[edit]

Starter Packs contain three Bakugan provided for the battler to have a complete Bakugan arsenal. Two of those three Bakugan are open. It contains three Gate Cards and three Ability Cards. There is also a rulebook to show the customer how to battle. Usually, if there is a Special Treatment or a Bakugan that has a Character Card, that card will be included in the Starter Pack. Packs that have the same Bakugan have the same cards. There also existed certain Starter Packs that are exclusive to a Japanese release.


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  • The Gundalian Invaders version of Starter Packs are called BakuTriad and the Mechtanium Surge version is BakuTrinity.
  • There is an error on the New Vestroia Starter Pack; the Dragonoid on the back only has two horns, not three.
  • Normally, the closed Bakugan has higher Gs than the rest.
  • In the original 28mm starter packs, they had three Bakugan of the same Attribute.
  • B1 Japanese Starter Packs were called Tournament Packs (トーナメントパック, Tōnamentopakku?)
  • European GI BakuTriads come with three Bakugan, three metal Gate Cards, and six Ability Cards.
  • Currently, you can get any special treatment type Bakugan in a Starter Pack.


Generation 2[edit]

Bakugan Battle Planet Starter Pack - Pyrus Mantonoid.jpg

The Bakugan Battle Planet Starter Pack is a product that includes two regular Bakugan and one Bakugan Ultra Bakugan. The set also contains three Character Cards and three Ability Cards as well as six BakuCores.

Starter Packs contain one Bakugan Ultra Bakugan, two Core Bakugan, six BakuCores, three Character Cards, and three Ability Cards. It is priced at $19.99 (USD)

Starting in Armored Alliance, Starter Packs also include one Gate Trainer.

These starter packs are perfect for players who want to play the Toy Battling Game (simplified version of the game that does not require Ability Cards).


Geogan Rising Starter Pack example

The Bakugan Starter Pack has everything you need to roll into action! Add two epic Bakugan, one mighty Bakugan Ultra, six powerful BakuCores and collectible Character Cards and ability cards (all included) to your collection. Roll your Bakugan over the included BakuCores to POP OPEN Baku-Action, or choose your Bakugan Ultra for an even more dynamic LEAP OPEN transformation! You can even add onto your starter set and collect over 100 Season 1 Bakugan! Build your collection, trade with friends and BATTLE! Roll into action with the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Starter 3-Pack! BAKUGAN BRAWL!


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Generation 3[edit]

Bakugan (2023) Starter Pack

The Bakugan (2023) season reintroduced Starter Packs, they come with: