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BakuTriad is the name for Starter Packs for Gundalian Invaders Bakugan. As original Starters, the BakuTriad packs include three Bakugan, Ability Cards and Gate Cards as well as a rulebook for playing the game. The rulebook for the BakuTriad has all the rules as the original rulebook had, just with a few extra ones, including the uses of Bakugan Battle Gear and Special Evolution Bakugan. If one of the Bakugan included in the pack usually has instructions (for example: Avior), the instructions will also be included in the package.

Typically, they will include two Gundalian Invaders Bakugan and a New Vestroia Bakugan. These Bakugan have a DNA Code included on them. Their G-Power is greater than their previous versions due to the fact that the G-Power standard has been increased. For example, an old Cosmic Ingram usually has a G-Power of 550 but now they can have 700 in the BakuTriad starter pack. Because they feature a DNA Code, they can be used in the upcoming Bakugan Dimensions game. BakuTriad packs do not include Bakugan Battle Gear or Super Assault Bakugan. In most cases, the Baku-Legacy Bakugan has 700+ Gs while the two Gundalian Invaders Bakugan have Gs in the 600's.

The known exceptions are Pyrus Phosphos (which commonly has 760 Gs) and Ventus Phosphos (which commonly has 750 Gs or 790 Gs). They are usually priced less than three individual Bakugan because you can't choose which Bakugan you get in the pack.The Bakugan in the middle is almost always the weakest one if it is not a Baku Super G.

Usually, two of the three Bakugan are open while one is fully closed.